Chariots Of The Gods

Chariots Of The Gods






Renaud Jobin - vocals
Mathieu-Phillipe St-Amour - guitar & backup vocals
Christian Carrière - guitar & backup vocals
Rich O'Neil - drums
Payam Doryani - bass
Dimitri Drapeau-Gervais - touring guitar

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CHARIOTS OF THE GODS started happening in the summer or 2007. As Mat St-Amour and Chris Carrière began writing riffs, they slowly realized that instead of sweating alone in a crappy basement, they could do it with a band. And so, they recruited long time friend and experienced bass player Chris Methot, who was psyched by the idea. Then, they played together for a while and started to look for a drummer ; they found one hell of a beast in Rich O'Neil. As the band started to take shape, Mat was writing more and more songs. With an epic, raw sounding, fast and powerful vibe, they suddenly discovered the recipe for the ultimate kickass Heavy Metal.  The quartet jammed for a year, relentlessly trying to find their voice, in hope of quenching their blood thirst for live exposure. They heard a voice roaring through the crowd as Renaud Jobin stepped forth out of the darkness and claimed his rightful place amongst the GODS.

And the rest, my friends, his history in the making...


"Reverence" - 2010

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When I learned that CHARIOTS OF THE GODS hail from Canada, I was expecting something traditionally Speed/Thrash with distinct old school atmosphere. But, as soon as “Reverence” hit my CD player, I was happily surprised by the fresh sound and the melodic Death Metal that is frequently served from Swedish bands. Indeed, CHARIOTS OF THE GODS have an extremely interesting sound with MAIDEN-esque guitar harmonies (yep this is the backbone of the Gothenburg scene) and some Thrash finishing touches with shredding riffs that will highlight the name of ANNIHILATOR in the influences list. The songs in “Reverence” are groovy and heavy slightly touching the CHILDREN OF BODOM structure but fortunately without their cheesy keyboard additions (sorry COB fans). The only downside I managed to discover in this release is the vocals that sounded to my ears less diverse than I would expect from a Canadian band. On the other hand, this can be improved in future releases with a better production and a proper record deal.

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