Savage - Loose ‘n’ Lethal

Savage - Loose ‘n’ Lethal

Savage - Loose 'n' Lethal

(1983, Ebony Records)

SAVAGE were formed in Mansfield, England in the mid-70s but did not come to release any stuff until 1983, a year when “Loose ‘n’ Lethal” was unleashed via ‘cult’ NWOBHM label Ebony Records. I could easily say this is the best release by this label but then we would miss some more important facts regarding this old band whose status is still active to this day, with a brand new album called “Sons Of Malice” that’s probably a nice companion to every fan of classic British Metal. But let’s go back to the early 80s…

Truth is SAVAGE god their name circulating in the music business since METALLICA decided to record a cover version of the song “Let It Loose” in their 1982 demo days, meaning the cover version and the original were too close in publication (“Let It Loose” was featured in a NWOBHM compilation called “Scene Of The Crime” circa 1981). And further truth is this specific songs stands out as one of the godfathers of Thrash/ Speed Metal later on resulting in the bombardment of America by young bands wanting to play faster and more furious than their English classic Metal idols. The song lasts for only 3’17” but summarizes what ingredients you should have to play Thrash/ Speed Metal: the tempo is fast, wild and enraged, the basic guitar riff repeatedly dominates the song but it’s so strict and untamed that you cannot leave yourself not bang along while the same goes for the two solos in minimum duration and maximum destruction that are featured in this opus. And as for the lyrics, you can read below the fuel to the fire:

"We won't need to intimidate you
If we get a major breakthrough
So come on – let it loose

You've all seen this all before
So come on, get up and off of the floor

We're not here to read your rights
Tonight’s the night you do what you like

If it's much too loud, well, we don't care
Are you ready – let it loose

We've the goods to appetise
Take it all, don’t compromise

Forget tomorrow, we’re here today
Is it what you want, are you here to stay
What do you say – let it loose…"

But here we are not talking ‘bout a single track and only. The whole album is full of trademark NWOBHM elements but with a clear tension for speed and a raw deal with whiplash pounding and raw energy. It’s no surprise metalheads who do not have the NWOBHM style as their main cup of tea fall to their knees and bow to “Loose ‘n’ Lethal”, and that’s also because this specific album – along with ACCEPT’s offerings of course – kinda paved the way for Speed Metal in Central Europe and Scandinavia too, and that’s a big big deal also, huh. Future 80s works of SAVAGE did not do very well, to be precise, and the band called it quits, only recovering in the mid to late 90s. Another hiatus was in the way afterwards but a nice surprise was to see SAVAGE releasing a new album in 2012 with good mood and full energy even in a more mature pattern. An entire young generation of classic Metal fans does not even know their name but should be sure some of their favorite artists started playing Thrash/Speed Metal also influenced by the “Loose ‘n’ Lethal” material.

Good music is timeless, and also is this album, now celebrating 30 years of existence.


01. Let It Loose
02. Cry Wolf
03. Berlin
04. Dirty Money
05. Ain’ t Not Fit Place
06. On The Rocks
07. The China Run
08. White Hot


Chris Bradley - Bass, Vocals
Andy Dawson - Guitars
Wayne Renshaw - Guitars
Mark Brown - Drums