Heaven's Edge - Heaven's Edge

Heaven's Edge - Heaven's Edge

Heaven's Edge - Heaven's Edge

(1990, Columbia)

There were tons of bands emerging from the US in the late 80s, performing the so-called Hair Metal style. Paving the way set by earlier acts of the time such as BON JOVI, DOKKEN, MÖTLEY CRÜE or RATT, the record industry – as in any other genre or fashion – saw the money coming in and thus from Los Angeles to New York city there was hair, perfume and a good time taking over with bands and fans struggling to have their own piece of the action and fun at the same time. Then it was the time of the Grunge explosion in the early 90s and the music collar-man officers showed their teeth to a new musical explosion ready to deliver the $$$ to their thick butts. Hence, many US melodic or sleazy hard Rock outfits left alone shaking after the release of one and only – in most cases – album that was supposed to rock the world…

HEAVEN’S EDGE formed in Philadelphia around 1987 and cut their teeth in the local live circuit before signing a promising contract with Columbia Records. More than happy for this early success, the quintet sat their asses down for the release of the first offering aptly entitled “Heaven’s Edge”. Still, it wouldn’t matter if the album would sell or rock out the airwaves since – as pre-said – there was new deeds to spew out in the early 90s in the record industry and the band would soon be let down by their label in favor of some other bands and styles. HEAVEN’S EDGE weirdly enough released another (fine, in my opinion) CD in the late 90s via MTM Music and offered a couple of cover versions for respective tribute albums before fading into oblivion. This does not, of course, omit anything from the magic of their music in just two albums. Hence, along with other bands and relative CDs, discs like “Heaven’s Edge” is now considered a classic in the melodic Hard Rock genre.

There are two styles of songwriting HEAVEN’S EDGE delivered in their 1990 debut. Half the songs have that Sunset Boulevard sleazin’ Rock attitude with booze and fun and girls dominating the lyrics concepts while the remaining of the songlist steps on the minor-chord melodic/AOR path with emotional vocals and heart-taking lines. The musicianship is great in both occasions with the rhythm section pounding in staccato rhythms and the guitar riffs looking sharp and self-disciplined. The vocals are another ace in this album with the harmonies scenarios taking place everywhere needed. The production by Neil Kernon (DOKKEN, QUEENSRŸCHE, SHY etc) is simply superb and lets the songs shine on their own by just providing the sonic and mixing base that is needed in order for the result to blow your speakers.

Remember enough bands that had all the dynamics to have their name written in gold in the history book of US Hard Rock but just did not make it due to other reasons: TRIXTER, MELIDIAN, HURRICANE and a lot of other hopefuls. Still, “Heaven’s Edge” is not the kind of album you should miss if you have your body shaking to the style of MOTLEY CRUE, RATT, DOKKEN, early BON JOVI, VALENTINE and (late 80s) SHY. I guess if you’re such a follower you already have this CD but believe me, there’re enough fans that were never informed about amazing discs like this one that did not ever find their way in stardom.


01. Intro
02. Play Dirty
03. Skin To Skin
04. Find Another Way
05. Up Against The Wall
06. Hold On To Tonight
07. Can’t Catch Me
08. Bad Reputation
09. Daddy’s Little Girl
10. Is That All You Want?
11. Come Play The Game
12. Don’t Stop, Don’t Go


Mark Evans - Lead And Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Reggie Wu - Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Steven Perry - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Backing Vocals
G. G. Guidotti - Bass, Backing Vocals
David Rath - Drums, Percussion