Kreator - Extreme Aggressions

Kreator - Extreme Aggressions

(1989, Noise)

I consider “Pleasure To Kill” to be one of the three most important Euro Thrash albums of all time, but the truth is “Extreme Aggressions” became the landmark release that pushed KREATOR to the top and opened wide the gates for both mass acceptance and commercial success. Till then Germany had the blackened soul of SODOM and the evil spirit of DESTRUCTION with many other bands struggling to have their name placed in between these three bands; KREATOR just made the big step with this 1989 release and when the “Coma Of Souls” follow-up LP saw the light of day it was a matter of time for the band from Essen to conquer the Thrash world.

Formed in 1984, KREATOR had the chance to have a debut LP out quite soon; the same happened with SODOM and DESTRUCTION too, thus the German Thrash scene was quickly shaped with enough bands and a respected amount of core followers. After the “Pleasure To Kill” album KREATOR decided to sharpen their sound a little bit and focus on more staccato rhythms, leaving little space for naïve or raw approaches in their songwriting. It was nothing like a sell-out, it was more of a technical development along with a more solemn lyrical approach. “Extreme Aggressions” is an angry album and you can tell that from the very beginning of the same titled track. Frontman Mille sings like he’s full of hated for the whole world and the guitar riffs back him up full of vice and anger. No, nothing satanic or demonic, here’s we have the exact terminology of aggression applying to all the music layers.

The rhythm section is disciplined as pre-said, with enough formulas to make your head bang till you bleed while the solos sound frustrated but not amateur at all. Really, KREATOR show a big boom in this album in terms of musicianship, only a couple of years after the “Terrible Certainty” LP that paved the way for the band to broaden its musical style with more melodies and a total behavior of a soon-to-be-big band. The songs are more memorable and the enough of the refrains are sing-along so they instantly get a ‘live’ credit. The production is of course more polished in regards to the more previous albums and I do not know if this was a natural move due to the profile of the songs or vice versa. In any case, the output sound is a strong weapon to shove it up in any anti-Thrash enemy’s ass.

Dealing with their past and future, KREATOR released this album in 1989 only to find out afterwards that they were preparing for big things in the(ir) future. That future established the band as – maybe – the biggest name in the European scene till now, even if the most current works of theirs sound too sophisticated and/or lame (if you want to be cruel…), with enough of the band’s older fans having already drawn the red line of rejection. Even in this case, there’s no denial the 80s works of this unique German band had their own impact to the further development of Thrash in Europe and the album herein presented can as well act as the flagship.


01. Extreme Aggressions
02. No Reason To Exist
03. Love Us Or Hate Us
04. Stream Of Consciousness
05. Some Pain Will Last
06. Betrayer
07. Don’t Trust
08. Bringer Of Torture
09. Fatal Energy


Mille Petrozza - Guitars, Vocals
Jörg Trzebiatowski - Guitars
Roberto Fioretti - Bass
Ventor - Drums