Accept - Breaker

Accept - Breaker

(1981, Brain)

The Germans are rumored to be more of a consuming culture rather than innovators, and not speaking only about music. Still, in the case of ACCEPT it can be said that Germany has proudly contributed the most to what is called European Heavy Metal. The band from Solingen had its initial lineup circulating in the late 60s but it wasn’t until a decade after that the quintet unleashed its first couple of albums in the Hard-meets-Heavy tradition with enough reference to Aussie legends and AC/DC and Swiss maestros KROKUS. Anyone, though, could foresee what was yet to come with the NWOBHM explosion and the German early ignition consisting of bands like FAITHFUL BREATH and SINNER burning like a flame for the new decade. But ACCEPT did the most out of all: they released an album that placed and has kept them on top of the Heavy Metal pantheon.

“Breaker” took off from where the “Accept” and “I’m A Rebel” albums had stopped. The raw guitars got even sharper, the bass and drums became wilder and the vocals of the one and only Udo Dirkschneider got even rougher. Fueled by inspiration ACCEPT created an album that had nothing to be jealous of; and I am talking about velocity, wildness and metallum. The power surge in tracks like “Starlight” and “Burning” give the sign for some serious Heavy Metal madness but when it comes to the title track you have the seeds of Speed Metal made in Germany (think of RAVEN in Great Britain, too) while numbers like “Run If You Can” and “Midnight Highway” unveiled a more in-your-face street profile of ACCEPT but in nothing less than full excitement.

And, yes, Heavy Metal ballads had their own share in Germany 30 years ago. Both “Can’t Stand The Night” and “Breaking Up Again” (sung by bassist Peter Baltes) are glorious ballads with emotional lyrics and some touching solos that only the fellow rockers of  SCORPIONS had been proud of until then. This album showed no weak moments and pumped up in a year (1981) when SCORPIONS were heading to conquer America and the British lions (IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON and DEF LEPPARD to a lesser extent) paved the way for Heavy Metal to shake the world. ACCEPT started touring endlessly after the album release and passed the torch of Metal from one country to another full energy and with merciless killing attitude. Needless to say, the “Restless And Wild” album that followed pushed the band even higher into the hearts of the traditional Metal fans; to put it simple it was just all the way to the top.

A song featured in the “Breaker” album was called “Son Of A Bitch”, with rather caustic lyrics. The band censored this in the lyrics sheet while later copies featured a remake with some fuzzy “Wanna Be Rich”-or-something-like-that choir vocals. No problem, the whole album was/is so ugly and rude, aggressive and hardhearted that no censorship could change it. Tons of central European bands owe their best moments or their mere existence to this band and/or LP and that’s the most solid proof.


01. Starlight
02. Breaker
03. Run If You Can
04. Can’t Stand The Night
05. Son Of A Bitch
06. Burning
07. Feelings
08. Midnight Highway
10. Breaking Up Again
11. Down And Out


Udo Dirkschneider - Vocals
Wolf Hoffmann - Guitar
Jörg Fischer - Guitar
Peter Baltes - Bass
Stefan Kaufmann - Drums