Black Knight - Master Of Disaster

Black Knight - Master Of Disaster

(1985, Self Released)

Canada has offered lots of Rock/Metal giants that have secured a solid chapter in the eternal book of Heavy Metal and have also – more or less – contributed the most to solidify and develop the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal sound. Still, apart from the commercial bands Canada always had boiling waters with tons of unsigned obscure outfits with the charisma to release fantastic singles, EPs or full length albums but lacked a record deal or some basic promotion to have their name and work heard across the country’s (or, at some times, even the district’s) borders. Such a case is BLACK KNIGHT.

Vancouver was the city where this band was formed during the early 80s. As a quintet, BLACK KNIGHT (borrowing their name from the classic DEEP PURPLE song) initially secured a general love for warrior and wizard themes while also declaring their admiration for IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST and WISHBONE ASH. Working hard on their own original songs while also developing stage antics and effects for their local gigs, the band also moved drastically by replacing singer Chris Hopkinson with female vocalist Lori Wilde, not something that common in the early Metal days. Ready or not, this lineup change proved to be a critical point for BLACK KNIGHT who by then had finalized a set of potential songs for the tracklist of a full album. In terms of musical quality you can read below; unfortunately, having a woman in the band was not a best-seller-scope profile for the record labels, thus the initial interest from labels like Warner Bros and Attic Records led to nowhere and the band was left having the songs ready but no contract as a financial backing up card. And here comes the 1985 “Master Of Disaster” independent release…

From the first notes of “Warlord’s Wrath” you know this is some molten piece of traditional Metal. The sound is generic but with a great feel and approach deriving from the guidance of the British bands of the 70s and early 80s. The style could be described as Epic Metal but it surely is more than this; the twin guitars melodies are tremendous and give this awkward feeling of the some-other-place-some-other-time dimension. Wilde’s vocals are melodic yet solid and heroic while in slower tracks there’s a ‘goth’ atmosphere surrounding the album. “Master Of Disaster” holds five straightforward songs clocking something less than 25 minutes of early US Metal music that you’ll immediately fall in love with, granted that you are a fan of bands like OMEN, MEDIEVAL STEEL and TYRANT.

In 2002 the Greek label Cult Metal Classics re-released this gem on vinyl and CD format with enough bonus tracks to make a full length album. With the original vinyl currently being sold for enough $$$ (only 500 copies were pressed back then), the reissue is a nice chance to meet a great Canadian band that had all the potential to breakthrough in the American continent for a start. Another band of similar style was located just 200km South from Vancouver and also released an EP at the time called “Queen Of The Reich”; their destiny was for the better.


01. Warlord’s Wrath
02. Metal Screams
03. Born To Rock
04. Aaraigathor (Metal Anthem)
05. Master Of Disaster


Lori “The Scream Queen” Wilde - Vocals
Gary Quaye - Guitars
Mick DiAnno - Guitars
Glenn “The Hammer” Hoffman - Bass
Glen Richards - Drums