Motörhead - Another Perfect Day

Motörhead - Another Perfect Day


(Bronze, 1983)

“Another Perfect Day” was released on June 4, 1983 and reached UK no. 20 with Billboard saying that ‘to this day “Another Perfect Day” remains one of the most unique (albeit misunderstood) albums in the entire MOTÖRHEAD catalog’; that was exactly the reason I chose this one for the first Monumentum article, among the countless successful MOTÖRHEAD albums. But let’s take the story from the beginning and see what the perfect thing in that MOTÖRHEAD’s ‘day’ is.

The year is 1982: MOTÖRHEAD are about to record a cover of the song “Stand By Your Man” and not that surprisingly Eddie Clarke has a different opinion and quits the band as a protest. This all happens in the middle of their second US tour, so Lemmy and Phil are left in a bit of a bind, not having a guitarist for their live dates. Fortunately, someone informs them that Brian ‘Robbo’ Robertson (formerly of THIN LIZZY-fame) is on tour a couple of towns over. That’s it: MOTÖRHEAD have a new guitarist. However, throwing out a raging madman like Eddie Clarke and bringing in a completely different style of guitarist has its complications. Robertson is a much more melodic guitarist, a master of the style having played it together with Scott Gorham in THIN LIZZY for five years and five albums. For this reason, “Another Perfect Day” was going to be a different album from the start.

If you are a die-hard fan of this spectacular rowdy band, you already know that every album they have released has something to say out loud and that’s one of the main reasons MOTÖRHEAD have jillions of fans around the globe. But the exceptionality of having Robertson in their line up for just one record, rocked the boat for good with its melodic twist and unfortunately, allowed to some hot-headed saying that “Another Perfect Day” is of these albums that does not carry the band’s id, even thinking they were going commercial. I so disagree with that: listening to tracks like the opening “Back At The Funny Farm”, the once-in-a-lifetime “Shine” or “One Track Mind” you can discover the direct bond with Lemmy’s past in HAWKWIND, tracks that can coexist in the same record with “Rock It” and “I Got Mine”, the most traditional MOTÖRHEAD-esque songs of “Another Perfect Day”.

Doubtless, we all understand that MOTÖRHEAD’s trademark till these days is Lemmy’s bass tunes and vocals but here the addition of such charismatic guitar player did make the difference in their history. Maybe a MOTÖRHEAD fan doesn’t pick “Another Perfect Day” to listen to when is at home, but surely this album is the one that gained so many ears, not orientated to the band’s loud played Rock ‘N’ Roll sound. After all, being different is not bad at all; don’t make me beat you with the CD case. Ha.

The truth is only black and white,
No shade of grey,
It's easy answers babe,
But it's hell to pay,
You know it's just the same for you,
Ain't nothing you can do,
No chance to change it now,
Another Perfect Day”


01. Back At The Funny Farm
02. Shine
03. Dancing On Your Grave
04. Rock It
05. One Track Mind
06. Another Perfect Day
07. Marching Off To War
08. I Got Mine
09. Tales Of Glory
10. Die You Bastard


Lemmy Kilmister - Vocals, Bass
Brian Robertson - Guitar
Philthy Taylor - Drums

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Lemmy - Vocals, Bass
Brian Robertson - Guitar
Philthy Taylor – Drums