Cradle Of Filth - The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh

Cradle Of Filth - The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh


(Cacophonous Records, 1994)

This album was released sometime during the early 90s when the second wave of the Black Metal scene had already gained momentum fueled by the energy of the Norwegians. During those days, Black Metal was something we all loved to hate. I mean, it was raw, under-produced and many of us thought it sounded more like noise and less than music. But, it was running on the hatred and the will to rebel from a generation that looked like the punk movement only with morbid feelings and dark emotions.

CRADLE OF FILTH was a surprise from the UK that had already created some noise in the underground with the demo releases and the debut split carrying the label of pure Black Metal. The almost screaming vocals by Dani presented in the low mix were soaked in the Norwegian raw blend making many consider this band as a pure Black Metal. Listening to their full length debut through Cacophonous Records it is now clear to me how wrong were those fans labeling this band as Black Metal. The female vampires in the front black and white cover had a gothic backbone that was too pre-mature to be distinguished. And if you add the keyboard melodies and the cleaner than usual guitar riffs it is now clear that CRADLE OF FILTH was not a ‘regular’ Black Metal band. The female vocals added the erotic layer that nowadays is constantly used and misused by many bands that like to have the gothic label outside their albums. But, everyone has to understand that the British act was working under the gothic veil for the very beginning. Songs like The Black Goddess Risesand the magnificent keyboard driven A Dream Of Wolves In The Snowwere loud paradigms of what was about to follow and inevitably divide the FILTH fans into two parties in vain arguing about the questionable Black Metal origins of the band.

I am not saying that this album is an important one for the Black Metal genre, since it is not. This is an important release since it gave life to the gothic scene, bringing it closer to the Metal mentality along with the vampire aesthetics that was adopted by many other bands. Every gothic Metal fans should read The Gospel of Filth: A Bible of Decadence & Darkness” and get to know better this band, since I believe has been misunderstood.


01. Darkness Our Bride (Jugular Wedding)
02. The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
03. The Forest Whispers My Name
04. Iscariot
05. The Black Goddess Rises
06. One Final Graven Kiss
07. A Crescendo Of Passion Bleeding
08. To Eve The Art Of Witchcraft
09. Of Mist and Midnight Skies
10. In Secret Love We Drown
11. A Dream of Wolves In The Snow
12. Summer Dying Fast
13. Imperium Tenebrarum


Dani Filth - Vocals
Paul Allender - Guitars
Paul Ryan - Guitars
Robin Graves - Bass
Benjamin Ryan - Keyboards
Nicholas Barker - Drums