Scorpions - Virgin Killer

This one is the SCORPIONS album I could refer to as their most influential in the development of the guitar-driven Hard Rock and classic Metal music. All of the German band’s albums in the Uli Jon Roth part of their illustrious career are widely acknowledged as milestone releases from journalists and millions of fans worldwide and, even if the 80s marked the invasion of this legendary band in the American continent too (Europe and Japan were already on their knees…), it’s the 70s period of the band that seems to stay high above high in the hearts and ears of hardrockers of all ages. Speaking of ages, you remember the little girl in the original cover artwork?

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Hammerfall - Glory To The Brave

The time between 1992 and 1997 was rather tough for the so-called ‘true’ Metal genre. From one hand you had the ever-growing Death/Black Metal styles dominating the readers’ polls while the impact of PANTERA’s new Metal(?) and the Grunge movement had subsequently poured their own character in the works of lots of Hard Rock and Metal outfits; even the legacy of 80s HELLOWEEN works had sadly built a more-than-happy smurf-oriented Power Metal typhoon in Europe. Swords, dragons and steel were not that welcome in the Music business anymore and bands of that ilk sweated working for private or low-budget label releases that remained heard only in an underground status.

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Exodus - Bonded By Blood

You can built your own list regarding the top Thrash albums of all time and it’s possible some frequent visitors shall grab No.1 and will not let go, be it “Kill ‘Em All” or “Reign In Blood” or even “Darkness Descends” or “Extreme Aggressions”, based on your personal feelings or perseverance, Still, there’s not a slight change an album like “Bonded By Blood” will be out of such a list. If it does, you may as well re-consider what Thrash Metal really means to your ears and soul.

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Skyclad - Jonah’s Ark

As widely known, the beginning of the 90s decade had enough bitter surprises for the 80s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal world. Traditional Metal – as initially given birth in the UK and gradually developed in both Europe and America – had already ceased to exist commercially (minus the mainstream bands) while glamorous/hair Metal suffered from overloaded intoxication tying up the rope of musical escalation; Thrash had long gone deployed its own aggression and non-conformity now heading to more technical paths, the rise of the Death/Black Metal axiom had few in common with the classic Metal ideals plus enough alien ingredients stepped on to form new sub-genres with the ‘prog’, ‘atmospheric’ and ‘dark’ terms gaining gradual attention.

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