Paradox - Heresy

Paradox - HeresyIf you, the average Thrash fan, ever decide to dig dipper in this malicious genre’s kist you’ll probably come up with some hidden treasures you never imagined they even existed. Focusing on the German Thrash style in particular, the divine makings of kings such as KREATOR, SODOM and DESTRUCTION certainly left their venomous marks once they were unleashed – talking about the 80s deeds – but there was further quality unseen and obstructed by the loaded Media exposure of the aforementioned rulers. And, yes, fellow maniacs like TANKARD did finally get their share but brutal outfits like DARKNESS, EXUMER or PARADOX had their initial pressings hailed only by some small hordes of dedicated fans. It’s no wonder, though, those original works are highly praised in our days, more than two decades later…

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Queensrÿche - The Warning

Queensryche - The Warning

No, it’s not “Operation: Mindcrime”…not again. The (once a) Metal band from Bellevue, Washington released a stream of not-less-than stellar albums and introduced a whole new audience to the magic temple of ‘thinking’ Heavy Metal music. And you’re a fool if you think this was not shown from the very beginning: such tremendous musicianship, a branch of inspired songwriting and a phenomenal orgy voice would not (and did not) go unnoticed. Sadly, the last decade or so (or more), and especially the rumors and/or facts that saw the light of day recently and resulted in the separation of the ‘head’ (Geoff Tate) from the ‘body’ (the rest of the crew), just confirmed the glory days of such a blessed outfit seem to be a sweet memory and nothing else.

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Testament - The Gathering

Testament - The Gathering

The late 90s was a very tough period for traditional Thrash. Other sub-genres seemed to enjoy the acceptance from the fans and Media and there was no sign that thrashers would return back to enjoy headbanging and watching relentless live performances by their precious bands. Needless to say, too, the big names of Thrash were also in some kind of confusion or trouble: METALLICA had already ‘extended’ their horizons, SLAYER seemed to be searching their own signature style gone away at the time, ANTHRAX showed no sign of playing this kind of style again, OVERKILL were heading to a more HC direction and EXODUS were just out of the game at the time.

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Anthrax - Among The Living

There was much of a debate for whether New York’s ANTHRAX should have been listed a one of the Big Four of the American Thrash scene. Giving a more detailed look on the other three participants would not help much either since all three of them had their big share of the pie in the 80s but afterwards took separate ways also releasing themselves from the intact Thrash borders. Oppressing any fundamental legitimate beliefs of one or another in order to build the ‘true’ Big Four billing and having at least 2-3 more candidates that showed more loyalty in the basic thrashin’ lines (EXODUS, TESTAMENT or OVERKILL) you cannot ignore that the certified 80s works of METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX have left few space for dispute.

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