Anvil - Forged In Fire

Anvil - Forged In Fire

ANVIL rose to prominence with this album, and this is no breaking news. The Canadian quartet’s two previous offerings had everything a hardrockin’ fan would like to celebrate for but this 1983 release showed Lips and Co. darkening their sound while epitomizing the metallic elements to a degree not even the band itself would surpass in the years that followed. Lips had state back then - if I can clearly recall - that they wanted “Forged In Fire” to be the band’s heaviest album till then. Well, that was easy to achieve but also - since then - few were the times that ANVIL did strike harder than in this LP.

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Stormwitch - Walpurgis Night

Stormwitch - Walpurgis NightGerman Metal had never a radio-friendly metallic vibe; be it the monotonous vocals with the peculiar wannabe accent or the monolithic riffs that accompanied most releases back in the early 80s, most Teutonic bands had serious trouble trying to break into the mainstream crowds. In other words, not everyone had the charisma of ACCEPT. Hence, years passed by with most outfits falling into oblivion and – apart maybe form their own country – the European (or worldwide) Metal scene never heard of bands like this or that one, and definitely STORMWITCH was among them.

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Firehouse - Firehouse

Firehouse - FirehouseFIREHOUSE belong to the third generation of the 80s Hair Metal map of America. Having said that, they made their appearance in the late 80s at the underground circuit but were among the few bands that instantly aimed at and won a big contract with a commercial record label. And if you listen to their self-titled debut you can easily understand why.

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Motörhead - Motörhead

Motorhead - MotorheadIf somebody asked me to name the absolute Heavy Metal record, the one that really defines the whole genre, the one that stands out as a cornerstone not necessarily because musically it is the best one, then my answer would simply be the first MOTÖRHEAD LP. For me this record is everything that Heavy Metal represents; it is loud, fast, rude, sexy and sexist, genuine, angry, agressive, emotional, passionate and soulful! It’s an album that connects two apparently different worlds, but really made of the same essence and substance. The Heavy Rock and proto-Metal era of late 60s and 70s and the Heavy Metal of 80s and onwards - the Metal that really sounds the way we know it up until today.

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