LORDI Release New Lyric Video

LORDI Release New Lyric Video

LORDI will release their tenth album, "Killection", on January 31 via AFM Records. Not only is the album a brand new concept in itself - a fictitious collection of hits from the years and decades past - but it also brings a truly hidden gem into the daylight: one of the songs on the album is "Like A Bee To The Honey", which was written by KISS lead singer Paul Stanley together with Jean Beauvoir, known for working with names such as Bruce Springsteen, THE RAMONES and of course KISS. The song that had been collecting dust in Beauvoir's desk drawer ever since the end of the 1980's has now been handed down to LORDI.

"This is a tremendous honour to a band that wouldn't even exist without KISS. Simply having the privilege to listen to a song from the 1980's that no fan has ever heard before.. and then to get to be the artist that brings the song for everyone to hear - it is mind-blowing", Mr. Lordi states.

Mr. Lordi and the band's guitarist Amen had been making songs together with Jean Beauvoir as a trio, and one of these songs, "Scream Demon", made its way to the new album. It was during these songwriting sessions in Helsinki that the very existence of "Like A Bee To The Honey" came up: Jean thought the song would fit the new record perfectly, and the band was more than ready to get this rare gem on their album. The song is made even more unique by its saxophone solo - first one ever in LORDI's history - performed by the HANOI ROCKS legend Michael Monroe.

A lyric video for "Like A Bee To The Honey" can be found below.

"Killection” tracklisting:

01. "Radio SCG 10"
02. "Horror For Hire"
03. "Shake The Baby Silent"
04. "Like A Bee To The Honey"
05. "Apollyon"
06. "SCG10 The Last Hour"
07. "Blow My Fuse"
08. "I Dug A Hole In The Yard For You"
09. "Zombimbo"
10. "Up To No Good"
11. "SCG10 Demonic Semitones"
12. "Cutterfly"
13. "Evil"
14. "Scream Demon"
15. "SCG10 I Am Here"

Source: www.Afm-Records.De