POWERWOLF To Release ''Best Of The Blessed''

POWERWOLF To Release ''Best Of The Blessed''

2019 marked the 15th anniversary of German modern Heavy Metal band POWERWOLF. Of course, the ultimate high priests of Heavy Metal are celebrating their triumphant history in glorious style.

Set for a summer release on June 5 via Napalm Records, "Best Of The Blessed" isn't just another "best of" album. Featuring 16 Metal anthems the band is known and loved for, "Best Of The Blessed" will include several brand new versions of hits such as “We Drink Your Blood”, “Werewolves Of Armenia”, “Sanctified With Dynamite”, and the most celebrated festival hymn of all time, “Resurrection By Erection”. Plus, if you cannot get enough of POWERWOLF's captivating live sound, this must-have magnum opus will also include 14 live tracks. The available Earbook and LP Box Edition will provide even more of POWERWOLF's incredible live sound.

Timeless classics by the band shrouded in a brand new shape, "Best Of The Blessed" is the ultimate Metal soundtrack to explore POWERWOLF as fans have never heard them before.

In celebration of their 15th anniversary, the band has already shared an appetizer of what the POWERWOLF army can expect from "Best Of The Blessed". Taken from the band's groundbreaking debut album, "Return In Bloodred", POWERWOLF re-wrote the iconic track “Kiss Of The Cobra King” to give it an absolutely new and refreshed vibe! Watch the video for the 2019 version of “Kiss Of The Cobra King” below.

"Best Of The Blessed" will be released on June 5 via Napalm Records, and the pre-sale has begun HERE.

"Best Of The Blessed" tracklisting:

CD 1:
01. "We Drink Your Blood" (New Version 2020)
02. "Army Of The Night"
03. "Demons Are A Girl‘s Best Friend"
04. "Werewolves Of Armenia" (New Version 2020)
05. "Saturday Satan" (New Version 2020)
06. "Amen & Attack"
07. "Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone"
08. "Resurrection By Erection" (New Version 2020)
09. "Sanctified With Dynamite" (New Version 2020)
10. "Kreuzfeuer"
11. "Armata Strigoi"
12. "Kiss Of The Cobra King" (New Version 2019)
13. "Killers With The Cross"
14. "Sacred & Wild"
15. "In Blood We Trust" (New Version 2020)
16. "Let There Be Night"

CD 2 - The Live Sacrament (Wolfsnächte 2018):
01. "Fire & Forgive"
02. "Incense & Iron"
03. "Amen & Attack"
04. "Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend"
05. "Killers With The Cross"
06. "Armata Strigoi"
07. "Blessed & Possessed"
08. "Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone"
09. "Resurrection By Erection"
10. "Stossgebet"
11. "All We Need Is Blood"
12. "We Drink Your Blood"
13. "Werewolves Of Armenia"
14. "Lupus Die"

Earbook & LP Box (The Live Bonus Sacrament):
01. "Sanctified With Dynamite"
02. "Army Of The Night"
03. "Coleus Sanctus"
04. "Let There Be Night"

Source: www.NapalmRecords.Com