KHYMERA To Release New Album In March

KHYMERA To Release New Album In March

Frontiers Music Srl announces the release of KHYMERA's new album, "Master Of Illusions" on March 6. Watch a lyric video for the first single, "Walk Away", below. The single is available now on all digital music outlets.

While KHYMERA started out as an alliance between Italian producer/musician, Daniele Liverani and then KANSAS singer Steve Walsh, it developed into a regular musical project when bassist and producer Dennis Ward (MAGNUM, ex-PINK CREAM 69) entered the fold.

"I started writing in 2017," says Dennis. "It was a slow process. I first tried to collaborate with a pair of songwriters but it did not work out. I was actually having a very hard time trying to write the songs I was looking for. Fortunately, I was offered one song from Michael Palace that became the song "After All This Time" and shortly after I collaborated with Pete Newdeck (Drums), Michael Klein (Guitars), Eric Ragno (Drums), and Jean Funes (SILENT TIGER). Then everything fell into place pretty quickly. I was able to finalise melodies and lyrics and complete the recordings."

Musically, the new album very much follows the logical progression of the musical path that was started when Dennis joined the project. "Master Of Illusions" is a strong, extremely melodic release, which showcases the fantastic vocal abilities of Dennis and highlights his great skills as a songwriter and producer.

"One of my personal favourites is "Rhythm Of My Life"," continues Dennis. "Not only because I like it, but because it was the last song I wrote. The lyrics are kind of summing of my life routine and my work as an artist and music producer and how I believe that no matter how stuck one can get if you just allow it things to happen they will, hence the song "Just Let It Happen" which is another favourite not only because of the lyrics, but because of the mesmerizing atmospheric soundscape in the background. I had fun writing and playing that one. "Paradise" is another favourite because I literally had the whole song written, including most of the lyric, in less than a work day. I think it has a catchy chorus and a good message."

"Master Of Illusions" tracklisting:

01. "Walk Away"
02. "The First Time"
03. "Master Of Illusions"
04. "The Sun Goes Down"
05. "Paradise"
06. "The Rhythm Of My Life"
07. "Follow The Sun"
08. "Father To Son"
09. "After All This Time"
10. "Victim Of Your Love"
11. "Let It Happen"

Source: www.Frontiers.It