A NEW TOMORROW Release New Music Video

Frontiers Music Srl will release of A NEW TOMORROW's label debut, "Universe", on December 6th. Watch a video for the song "A Million Stars" below.

Drummer Tim Hall says, "Several years of amazing times, full of both ups and downs, not just as a band but as great friends, gave us the foundation to write something special for this record. "Universe" became the only title to encompass all our experiences as individuals and as a band, with themes - from fear and doubt to taking back the pursuit of our hopes and dreams - that I think all of us can identify with. The time we took gaining experience as a band, before writing "Universe", has really allowed us to find our own space within the music allowing our own individual influences to come across a lot more than in our previous releases. Expect our heaviest, yet most dynamic range of songs to date! With intricate, interwoven grooves, alongside blankets of melodic guitars and powerful vocals. We feel invigorated playing this music and can't wait to unleash that energy with you live in 2020!"

"Universe" tracklisting:

01. "I Wanna Live"
02. "A Million Stars"
03. "Golden Sands"
04. "Ignition"
05. "Mother Earth Is Calling"
06. "Mountains"
07. "Step Into The Wild..."
08. "...Home"
09. "Multitude Of Nothing"
10. "Universe"
11. "Abrasive" (Bonus Track, CD only)

Source: www.Frontiers.It