MIDNIGHT Reveal New Album Details

MIDNIGHT Reveal New Album Details

On January 24th, MIDNIGHT will release their new album, "Rebirth By Blasphemy", via Metal Blade Records.

""Rebirth By Blasphemy" is a rebirth," states MIDNIGHT's sole driving force, Athenar. "It's a change in life and it's a rebirth of doing whatever the fuck you want and seeing what happens after that. It's about saying yes, taking opportunities, taking a fucking chance."

"Rebirth By Blasphemy" tracklisting:

01. "Fucking Speed And Darkness"
02. "Rebirth By Blasphemy"
03. "Escape The Grave"
04. "Devil's Excrement"
05. "Rising Scum"
06. "Warning From The Reaper"
07. "Cursed Possessions"
08. "Raw Attack"
09. "The Sounds Of Hell"
10. "You Can Drag Me Through Fire"

Source: www.MetalBlade.Com