DEATH WOLF To Release New Album

Blooddawn Productions (distributed & marketed by Regain Records) has set December 10 as the international release date for DEATH WOLF's fourth album, "IV: Come The Dark", on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Although it's been five long years since DEATH WOLF's last album, "III: Östergötland", the band should require little introduction. Begun at the dawn of the new millennium by MARDUK's Morgan Håkansson under the moniker Devil's Whorehouse as a means of tribute to the DeathPunk sound of SAMHAIN and THE MISFITS, following the band's "The Howling" debut EP did the band soon evolve beyond their half-covers repertoire into a deadly force all their own. In 2011, after two albums and two EPs under the DEVIL'S WHOREHOUSE moniker, a change in name was long overdue, and the far-more-fitting DEATH WOLF was chosen. Wasting no time, three albums followed in almost as many years: "Death Wolf" (2011), "II: Black Armored Death" (2013), and "III: Östergötland" (2014).

Hear the first pulse of that power with the previously revealed "With Hate" below.

"IV: Come The Dark" tracklisting:

01. "With Hate"
02. "Edge Of The Forest"
03. "Empower The Flame"
04. "The Sword"
05. "Funeral Pyre"
06. "The Executioners Song"
07. "Speak Through Fire"
08. "Serpents Hall"
09. "Into The Woods"
10. "Iron & Flame"
11. "Conquerors Dance"

Source: www.BloodDawn.Net