Exclusive: INTOXICATE Release New Single

Gothenburg-based INTOXICATE is back with their new album "Cross Contamination". Eight songs of fast and melodic Thrash Metal from Gothenburg, Sweden. "Cross Contamination" is mixed by Anders Backelin (ex-LORD BELIAL) and mastered by Andy LaRoque. Cover art by Raimo K, layout by Daniel T. The band was formed in 1988 and was one of the first Thrash Metal bands from the area. Now they are back and stronger than ever. New single and video for track “Retention Rumba” is debuting through METAL KAOZ.

"Cross Contamination" tracklisting:

01. "Caravan Of Hate"
02. "Cross Contamination"
03. "Inertia"
04. "Crawling Forward"
05. "Doors And Corners"
06. "Eyes Unwilling"
07. "Posthumous Posthuman"
08. "Retention Rumba"

Source: www.DownfallRecords.Com