RAM Release ''Spirit Reaper'' Video

RAM have unleashed their new album, "The Throne Within", via Metal Blade Records. Additionally, the band has debuted a new video for the single "Spirit Reaper". Check it out below.

"I wanted to write a song that sounded like it was the soundtrack for an ‘80s horror movie, so we did. And when we had it, we felt like we had to make the movie that was the soundtrack for it, so we did that too. This is the ultimate horror short movie music video!", commented Oscar Carlquist.

"The Throne Within" tracklisting:

01. "The Shadowwork"
02. "Blades Of Betrayal"
03. "Fang And Fur"
04. "Violence (Is Golden)"
05. "The Trap"
06. "No Refuge"
07. "Spirit Reaper"
08. "You All Leave"
09. "Ravnfell"

Source: www.MetalBlade.Com