KURGAN Issue Video For New Single

KURGAN Issue Video For New Single

The Danish melodic Death Metal outfit KURGAN has released its new single “Over The Lands, Into The Sea...” today. Check it out below.  The song is taken from the upcoming debut album “Yggdrasil Burns”, to be released on September 20th via Massacre Records, which is available for pre-order HERE.

The album was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen. Dragan Paunović has created the cover artwork. “Yggdrasil Burns” is a melting pot of various metal genres. To boil it all down: You can look forward to 10 hard-hitting melodic Death Metal tracks - with a twist of old-school Heavy Metal and Viking Metal.

“Yggdrasil Burns” tracklist:

01. “Hellstorm”
02. “The Fall Of Asgard”
03. “Yggdrasil Burns”
04. “Send Me A Raven”
05. “Kill The Enemy”
06. “Rise”
07. “Für Lise”
08. “Evil Dead”
09. “Regicide (The King Has Fallen)”
10. “Over The Lands, Into The Sea...”

Source: www.Massacre-Records.Com