ALCHEMICAL WAKE Streaming New Track

Sludge Metal duo ALCHEMICAL WAKE reveals album details and the first single. Titled "Cassiopea" and set the for a release on August 30th, the duo follows and completes the path of their critically acclaimed EP's to date. Mixing the elements of Stoner, Dark Rock, Sludge and Doom Metal on a highly innovative level, ALCHEMICAL WAKE have evolved their sound on "Cassiopea" to a tight and blistering variety of heavy low-end, darkened Doom tunes.

Today, the band is not only sharing the cover art and album details with us, but also a first single to the blistering track "Noctua"; check it out below.

"This is "Noctua", the first single of our next LP", the band comments. "It's the most dynamic track and it goes straight to the point. It has a good introduction for the rest of the album. The track take shape from an improvisation with the drum, then the guitar fills the main drum riff. The name of the song is inspired by the owl constellation, noctua indeed.The whole album is a concept dedicated to the constellations.“

"Cassiopea" tracklisting:

01. "Libra"
02. "Noctua"
03. "Orion"
04. "Andromeda"

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Source: www.ArgonautaRecords.Com