DARKENED: ''Into The Blackness'' LP Release Info

DARKENED: ''Into The Blackness'' LP Release Info

Edged Circle Productions sets August 23rd as the international release date for the striking debut EP of pan-international quintet DARKENED, aptly titled “Into The Blackness”.

Although a brand-new entity, DARKENED host a wealth of experience in the Death Metal underground, comprising drummer Andy Whale (ex-BOLT THROWER / MEMORIAM), bassist Daryl Kahan (ex-DISMA / FUNEBRARUM), vocalist Gord Olson (YE GOAT-HERD GODS / DEMISERY), and guitarists Linus Nirbrant (A CANOROUS QUINTET / THIS ENDING) and Hempa Brynolfsson (EXCRUCIATE / ORDO INFERUS). As such, the band's opening salvo is truly a sum of all its not-inconsiderable parts. Short but most definitely sweet, the four-song/16-minute “Into The Blackness” is all-caps Death Metal of a cool and cruising and above all crushing aspect. Imagine the stately, steely pulse of later BOLT THROWER or the subsequent MEMORIAM, a smattering of gutted Doom ala DISMA or spiritual kin FUNEBRARUM, and dusted with the classy melodicism of A CANOROUS QUINTET and successors THIS ENDING, but all done with a touch that's somewhere between comfortably familiar and subtly unique, and you have the sum total charm of DARKENED. However, the strength of this unit is their songwriting, and “Into The Blackness” possesses such in spades - and they're only beginning.

No better time, then, to get DARKENED and go “Into The Blackness”. Get crushed by the new track “The Offering” HERE at Edged Circle's Soundcloud.

“Into The Blackness” tracklist:

01. “Into The Blackness” (intro)
02. “The Offering”
03. “Darkening Of My Soul”
04. “Unredeemed”

Source: www.EdgedCircleProductions.Com