PA VESH EN: ''Pyrefication'' Release Details Posted

PA VESH EN: ''Pyrefication'' Release Details Posted

Iron Bonehead Productions has set August 23rd as the international release date for PA VESH EN's highly anticipated second album, “Pyrefication”, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

In little more than two years, this Belarusian enigma has built a sizable (and starkly terrifying) catalog, culminating in last year's critically acclaimed “Church Of Bones” debut album and, earlier this year, the “Cryptic Rites Of Necromancy” EP, all under the aegis of Iron Bonehead. Thus far, PA VESH EN has exhibited a stark 'n' unsettling style of Black Metal: from stifled-violence miserablism to seemingly formless drift, from bent-askew melodicism to echo-chamber murk, always with a tortured soul guiding everything, he's almost effortlessly created a soundworld beyond compare - and has done so with the restlessness of a lost specter.

Restless as ever, PA VESH EN prodigiously keeps apace with his tortured vision of black metal with a brand-new second album, “Pyrefication”. Ever aptly titled, “Pyrefication” is total spiritual meltdown: this is the veritable sound of the soul collapsing inward and dying a most exquisite death. To that, PA VESH EN draws inspiration from within, and here locates a wobbly, ever-so-delicate balance between “Cryptic Rites Of Necromancy”'s ultraviolent hysteria and the murkier mystery of his earliest work, all done with spellbinding alchemy that makes for a miasmic 40-minute labyrinth. If anything, PA VESH EN seems unsettlingly comfortable taking his muse wherever he wishes on “Pyrefication”, malforming and maiming any atmosphere he wishes whilst maintaining that beckoning-abyssward style of melodicism he's made his own since his auspicious start.

Once again, PA VESH EN hands you the matches for self-immolation - will you provide the kindling for “Pyrefication”? The first fire can be felt with the new track “Call Of The Dead” HERE at Iron Bonehead's Soundcloud.

“Pyrefication” tracklist:
01. “...In The Ghostly Haze”
02. “Wastelands Of Plague”
03. “Call Of The Dead”
04. “A Cacophony Of Spiritual Transition”
05. “Grotesque Abomination”
06. “With Splendor Of The Night”
07. “Fog Of Death”
08. “Pyre Of The Forgotten”

Source: www.Ironbonehead.De