LORD To Release ''Fallen Idols'' Album In April

LORD To Release ''Fallen Idols'' Album In April

Australian metallers LORD have revealed the cover art and tracklisting for their forthcoming album, "Fallen Idols", out at the end of April.

Frontman, L.T. explains: “Well it’s nearly that time again - after a lot of work and a busy couple of years touring and writing, we’re just about ready to unleash our new album. Anyone who has followed what we’ve done over the years should know what to expect by now, which is ‘the best damn mix-tape you’ll ever hear’ kind of deal. We proudly identify as a Heavy Metal band but as usual the album goes off on wild tangents ranging from light melodic Rock to blast-beat Heavy Thrash.”

He continues: “This time we wanted to bring home that feeling of standing in front of that beer-soaked stereo, headbanging with your friends at backyard parties. No-one cared about what genre the music was; it either didn’t exist yet or it just didn’t matter. Whether it was DOKKEN or SLAYER, MAIDEN, PRIEST or KREATOR, all that mattered was the feeling you had in that moment. This album is a nostalgic tip of the hat to those times where carefully formulated marketing plans meant nothing, but the music was everything.”

A video for the opening track, “United (Welcome Back)”, can be found below.

"Fallen Idols" tracklisting:

01. "United (Welcome Back)"
02. "Immortal"
03. "Fallen Idols"
04. "Wilder Than The Wind"
05. "Nod To The Old School"
06. "Chaos Raining"
07. "Counting Down The Hours"
08. "In Dreams" *
09. "The Edge OF The World"
10. "Kill Or Be Killed"
11. "Master Of Darkness"
12. "Break The Ice" (John Farnham cover) *
13. "Touch The Fire" (ICEHOUSE cover) *

* Exclusive Australian bonus tracks

Source: www.Lord.Net.Au/United