ABYSSIC: ''High The Memory'' Release Date

Osmose Productions sets February 22nd as the international release date for ABYSSIC's highly anticipated second album, “High The Memory”, on digipack CD and double-LP vinyl formats.

ABYSSIC is a unique symbiosis of atmospheric approaches in funeral Death/Doom, with Black and Prog influences. The signature is enhanced by orchestrations with Mellotron, Minimoog, and upright bass.

ABYSSIC is a result of a collaboration between Memnock (SUSPERIA), Elvorn (SUSPERIA), and André Aaslie (FUNERAL, IMAGES AT TWILIGHT, GROMTH, PROFANE BURIAL), and together with Asgeir Mickelson (ex-BORKNAGAR, IHSAHN), they recorded the debut album “A Winter's Tale” in February 2016 for Osmose Productions.

Later in 2016, Tjodalv (SUSPERIA, ex-DIMMU BORGIR, OLD MAN'S CHILD) and Makhashanah (AKA Henriette Bordvik - ASAGRAUM [live], ex-SIRENIA) joined ABYSSIC, and together with MEMNOCK, ELVORN, and Aaslie, they bring you the ABYSSIC darkness with album #2, “High The Memory”.

“High The Memory” tracklist:

01. “Adornation”
02. “High The Memory”
03. “Transition Consent”
04. “Where My Pain Lies”
05. “Dreams Become Flesh”

Source: www.OsmoseProductions.Com