SCARLET AURA: ''Fallin' To Pieces'' Video Online

SCARLET AURA: ''Fallin' To Pieces'' Video Online

Romanian female-fronted new age melodic metallers SCARLET AURA have premiered their second video “Fallin' To Pieces”. Check it out below. The song is taken from the band’s new album “Hot’n’Heavy”, coming out via Sliptrick Records on December 11th. The video was premiered on Metalheads Forever.

The video was filmed during the first leg of the ‘Hot’n’Heavy Album Release Tour’“Fallin’ To Pieces” presents touching ballad on the edge of Hard Rock and Metal. Starting with eerie sound the song develops into powerful song full of despair and somewhat anger. Aura Danciulescu’s voice together with outstanding guitar performance by Mihai Danciulescu won’t leave anyone indifferent.        

“It's a heartbreaking    song, with a heartbreaking video that comes as a reminder to always cherish what we have, every second, to be thankful for the love we receive, cause you never know what future can bring!”, explains Aura.

The next show of SCARLET AURA's current “Hot’n’Heavy” album release tour, will be on November 25th in Suceava, RO.

The second leg of the tour will be announced soon.

Band explains:

“Hot’n’Heavy became a statement and unfolds our spirits as they grew and developed in the last 4 years. Alongside “The book Of Scarlet” we are revealing to you true instruments that will get you to travel deep in our minds and hearts and discover us as artists, dreamers, lovers, haters, as humans but also by heart… By revealing these instruments to you, in the end, you`ll get to find yourself! So, we dare you to let yourselves go from the known reality and embrace the wild callings of your fantasy, our fantasy and become one, becoming a Scarlet! Hail To You!”

“Hot’n’Heavy” tracklist:

01. “This Future Becomes Our Past”
02. “Hail To You”
03. “In The Name Of My Pain”
04. “Hot’n’Heavy”
05. “Fallin’ To Pieces”
06. “Glimpse In The Mirror”
07. “You Bite Me I Bite You Back”
08. “Hate Is Evanescent, Violence Is Forever”
09. “Silver City”
10. “Light Be My Guide”
11. “Let’s Go Fuckin’ Wild”
12. “Balkan Stars Project – To New Horizons” (bonus)

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