BEWITCHER Join Shadow Kingdom Records

BEWITCHER Join Shadow Kingdom Records

Shadow Kingdom Records is proud to announce the signing of Portland, OR based Satanic Speed Metal trio BEWITCHER.

Formed in 2013 as a studio duo, BEWITCHER quickly gained worldwide attention following the release of three self-produced demo tapes and a cassette compilation on their own label, Heretic Fire Records. In the late summer of 2016, now as an unholy trinity, they released their critically acclaimed debut LP and summarily hit the road to spread their message of wild rock n' roll liberation across the continent. The past year has seen them tour North America three times, playing nearly 100 shows and making appearances on festival stages such as ‘Frost And Fire’, ‘Legions Of Metal’, and ‘Hell's Heroes’

Never a band to rest on it's laurels, BEWITCHER has planned a West Coast tour for October, kicking things off with a return to ‘Frost And Fire’ in Ventura, CA, where they will close out the weekend's festivities at Saturday night's after party. The full listing of tour dates follows below:

‘Western Blasphemy’ 2018:

06 - Frost and Fire - Ventura, CA - Sans Souci
07 - Long Beach, CA - Que Sera
08 - Fullerton, CA - the Slidebar
09 - San Diego, CA - Til-Two Club
11 - TBD
12 - Boise, ID - The Shredder
13 - Portland, OR - Twilight Cafe

Expect more news shortly with major announcements in the coming months.

Source: www.ShadowKingdomRecords.Com