The 69 Eyes @ Majestic Club, Bratislava (SK)


Date: 03rd February, 2013
Venue: Majestic Music Club
Ticket: €23 ($31)
Promoter: n/a
Photos: Dimitris Machairas

Shortly after 7:00pm we arrived at Majestic Music Club to watch the Helsinki Vampires, together with the Americans WILDSTREET and the local Slovak supporting act FEELME. Unfortunately for some reasons WILDSTREET had to cancel their performance. Majestic Music Club is a great mid-size venue with great sound, but by the strangely only around 150 people were there to rock with THE 69 EYES.

Around 7:30pm the local three-piece band FEELME appeared onstage, which I had never heard before and I just got my first taste that Sunday night. Their set’s intro was the “20th Century Fox” theme, and they made interesting covers of pretty popular songs. First was “We Will Rock You” by QUEEN, and then others including themes from the “Pulp Fiction” movie. The drummer was introducing the songs every now and then, but he was speaking in his native language, so I couldn't get a word from what he was saying. But anyway, it was a good, entertaining start for the night, and they didn't make the audience feel bored.


Feelme @ Majestic Music Club (SK) (photos by Dimitris Machairas) Feelme @ Majestic Music Club (SK) (photos by Dimitris Machairas)

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It was time for the Helsinki Vampires and I had my doubts about the concert, because for me, THE 69 EYES musically died after the 2002 album “Paris Kills”. But they were resurrected with their tenth album, “X”, which brought them back to their original Goth ‘n’ Roll standards. So, I had no idea what to expect from THE 69 EYES onstage, and what songs would they include in their setlist. Around 8:30pm the lights were still on and the theme from the “True Blood” TV series, “Bad Things” by Jace Everett, was already playing in the role of THE 69 EYES intro, during which the band members came onstage opening the set with “Love Runs Away” from their latest album. The beginning of their show was really good; all of them were dressed in black leather, wearing sunglasses, adding a cool look to the entire appearance. Jyrki was really energetic in constant motion; dancing, jumping around while chewing gum (!).

Then they played “Dead N' Gone”, a track from their previous “Back In Blood” album, which sounded like a joke to my ears, and I have hardly listened to it twice. The classic “Gothic Girl” was next and that was the point where people started being wilder and seemed to really enjoy the concert. The really catchy “Tonight” from their new album and their hit from the “Angels” album “Perfect Skin” came right away, during which Jussi 69 stood on his drums, got his t-shirt off and put his hand under his underwear to make all the girls scream.

Of course “I Know What You Did Last Summer” couldn't be missing from the setlist, as it has even named THE 69 EYES current tour, and then it was time for “Betty Blue”, one of the band's most popular songs, during which almost everyone was singing the lyrics. After they had played one more song from “Back In Blood”, “Dead Girls Are Easy” (which wouldn't have made any difference if it was not on the setlist), Jyrki stepped forward and talked to the crowd for the first time; he thanked everyone and then asked how many women wore black underwear that night, because he wanted to see all of them dressed in black. That was a clever way to introduce the next song “Black” (even if it was a bit cheesy), which cheered us up once more.

All the couples inside the venue had the chance to dance together, when THE 69 EYES played the second single of “X”, “Borderline”. This time, the electric guitar was replaced by an acoustic one, and it was definitely one of the evening’s greatest moments. After this slow moment, Jyrki asked people to show their love, and I didn't realize for which song he was referring to until he sang in funny French accent the lyrics of “Dance D' Amour” that sounded even more Rock 'n Roll. “Never Say Die” followed, and then the first single of “X”, the emotional mid-tempo “Red”. Then it was time for some “Devils” songs; first “Feel Berlin” hit us with a part from “Knocking On Heaven's Door” and then “Devils” that led the Goth n’ Roll quintet backstage for the necessary encore. Helsinki Vampires returned onstage few minutes later, ready to perform the most precious gems of their career, “The Chair” and “Brandon Lee” which were the best part of the concert. Then Jyrki, chiming the end of their set, took off his glasses and shouted “You wanna Rock?” while he was shaking them next to the drums, and “Lost Boys” hit us hard as their last song to play.

Yup, it was a really nice concert after all; the band performed very professionally even in front of so few people, while Jyrki nailed every single note of the songs. I hope in the near future to watch THE 69 EYES in a tour performing songs from their first albums, because it feels like these first hits are kind of non-existent anymore. All in all, it was a great concert, great venue, great night.

PS: Come on, guys, the ticket was priced 23 euros, and the “X” album 22?

THE 69 EYES setlist:

01. “Love Runs Away”
02. “Dead N' Gone”
03. “Gothic Girl”
04. “Tonight”
05. “Perfect Skin”
06. “I Know What You Did Last Summer”
07. “Betty Blue”
08. “Dead Girls Are Easy”
09. “Black”
10. “Borderline”
11. “Dance D' Amour”
12. “Never Say Die”
13. “Red”
14. “Feel Berlin”
15. “Devils”
16. “The Chair”
17. “Brandon Lee”
18. “Lost Boys”


The 69 Eyes @ Majestic Music Club (SK) (photos by Dimitris Machairas) The 69 Eyes @ Majestic Music Club (SK) (photos by Dimitris Machairas) The 69 Eyes @ Majestic Music Club (SK) (photos by Dimitris Machairas)
The 69 Eyes @ Majestic Music Club (SK) (photos by Dimitris Machairas) The 69 Eyes @ Majestic Music Club (SK) (photos by Dimitris Machairas) The 69 Eyes @ Majestic Music Club (SK) (photos by Dimitris Machairas)

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