Sepultura @ Fuzz Club, Athens (GRE)


Date: 02nd June, 2012
Venue: Fuzz Club
Ticket: €25 ($31)
Promoter: RockHard

DimKar: Fuzz Club is one of my favorite venues in Athens for live shows; it’s comfortable and there is even place to sit when my damaged legs gave in from the long standing and headbanging, plus there is an air conditioning system that needs to be mentioned. Still, you have to pay for a sip of water but you can't have everything. Fuzz is still my club of choice. Entering the venue right after work, I found HAMMERCULT already onstage. From what I watched, the band tried really hard to raise the mood of the few people that were inside and some action became evident but the expectation of SEPULTURA and the rest of the billing’s bands were more than what HAMMERCULT could offer musical. The Israelis played a full, good Thrash set , and although it was not something to get impressed, it was a nice warm up.

Hmm... are you people serious? This set was the longest and most arduous and head aching 45 something minutes of my life. I really can't say that I enjoyed it much; everything was distorted to the level of noise and the drummer sounded like he was playing on another stage. Ok, FLAMES is a Greek band, having been many years in the scene, but come on, things could be better! Anyway, FLAMES had some fans down there and they were happy from the looks of it and in the end this is what matters the most; coke and Jagermeister took care of my headache...

Now, that was a great gig, with great attitude, few words and edgy songs that reminded of the good old days of Thrash. SUICIDAL ANGELS could be the headlining band if there was not SEPULTURA on the billing. I tell you, this band gave us a hard knocking ballsy set and there were moments I forgot my anxiety for SEPULTURA. It’s good to know that the Greek Thrash scene is dynamically represented by bands like SUICIDAL ANGELS. The moshing was active and that is a proof that people were excited about what the band had to offer.

VagEko: Maybe Heavy Metal is our life but unfortunately doesn’t feed us. So, I had to work until 10pm and I arrived at the venue just before SUICIDAL ANGELS hit the stage. I had a couple of minutes yet, so I bought a beer, said hello to fellow METAL KAOZ editor Dimitris and chose a nice spot.

After the “Jaws” intro the band showed up onstage and immediately stroke us with their Thrash/Death Metal sound. The outfit from Athens was in great shape and the crowd went crazy after the first note. It was obvious that the majority of the audience was familiar with their songs, even the last album has not been for a long time in stores. This live was actually the official presentation of “Bloodbath” to the Greek fans.

They were onstage for over an hour where they delivered mainly new songs, plus some hits. The arena in front of the stage was a battlefield during the entire show. The band was very passionate and offered us a show can’t easily be forgotten. SUICIDAL ANGELS have watched and learned from the big bands of the past how to gain attention of the audience. The guitarist got off the stage into the pit and played the guitar among the fans. The crowd split in two parts for the 'traditional' death wall and they invited around 40 fans onstage during “Moshing Crew”.

Good songs, excellent performance, Metal attitude and passion of what you do is the way to success. We’ve got to admit although that SUICIDAL ANGELS already have that smell of bigger band. Well done, guys. We are waiting for the next live show.


01. “Bloodbath”
02. “Bleeding Holocaust”
03. “Reborn In Violence”
04. “Face Of God”
05. “Chaos (The Curse Is Burning Inside)”
06. “Torment Payback”
07. “Final Dawn”
08. “Morbid Intention To Kill”
09. “Bleeding Cries”
10. “The Pestilence Of Saints”
11. “Moshing Crew”
12. “Apokathilosis”

DimKar: Often people are stupid and especially those people who missed the chance to follow SEPULTURA after the departure of the two Cavaleras. SEPULTURA is an animal that cannot be stopped taking the scene and rages with ear bursting vain popping animal ferocity. They can easily prove that they are one of the greatest bands in the Metal scene like they did that Saturday night in Fuzz. Were should I start? Derrick is a walking beast, like a live wire; an impressive in stature man singing like he was ushering an angry pack of wolves on to the prey, filling us with his energy and inciting us to join the feast and fest. After all these years Paulo Jr and Andreas are standing true, unlike many of the fans and only this should be one of the main reasons to follow the band. The guitar and bass were amazing and these guys proved the fact that when Brazilians have fun, they are restless. They took us from the awesome new album to a trip in the past with songs that we loved from the old days. “Kairos”, “Territory”, “Roots Bloody Roots” and many more created a war zone and even the back of the club was headbanging non stop as the band delivered each and every time with even more energy more songs. I have to give many kudos to Eloy; that small boy is a f***ing monster and to tell you the truth I haven’t been that much impressed since I had watched Terrana behind the drum set. In other words, Eloy is devastating behind the drum kit! If you are one of those who doesn’t follow SEPULTURA because of a 14 years old angst and you are reading this, know that you lost one of the best gigs.

VagEko: I was excited in a way before SEPULTURA had hit the stage because it would be my first time watching them live. They were, among others, the soundtrack of my youth, so I was in headbanging mood already. The crown seemed excited too and all the omens were showing that we would have a hell of a time.

They landed onstage around 11:30pm and the audience went crazy headbanging like there was no tomorrow. The band played a setlist which was somehow strange to me. Besides the fact that I knew only a few songs of the Derrick Green era, I was expecting some more of the old ones. Anyway, everyone has a different opinion about the setlist. SEPULTURA were in very good shape, tight as hell and very, very professionals. But in the air I had the feeling that something was missing. Andreas Kisser is now the leader of the band, taking over vocal duties in a few old ones, while the other veteran of the band Paulo Jr. had a B-role. Derrick Green tried to communicate with the audience but it was clear that his presence did not inspire the crowd. It’s worth to mention that the new drummer Eloy Casagrande looked and sounded like a bomber behind the drum kit. He’s very fast, strong and accurate drummer. The old songs like “Refuse/Resist”, “Inner Self” and “Arise” had a greater impact to the audience and the arena in front of the stage turned into battlefield once again. From the Derrick era I choose “Mask” as, let’s say, the best one. Even the cover song has changed nowadays by covering MINISTRY’s “Just One Fix”, instead of MOTÖRHEAD’s “Orgasmatron” they used to play.

I can’t say that it was a bad performance by the band, but in my mind SEPUTURA is something else, bigger. No matter how many year will pass, the ghost of Cavalera brothers, will still haunt them.

SEPULTURA setlist:

01. “Beneath The Remains”
02. “Refuse / Resist”
03. “Kairos”
04. “Relentless”
05. “Dead Embyonic Cells”
06. “Convicted In Life”
07. “Dialog”
08. “Attitude”
09. “What I Do”
10. “Choke”
11. “Mask”
12. “Septic Schizo” / “Escape To The Void”
13. “Sepulnation”
14. “Subtraction”
15. “Just One Fix”
16. “Territory”
17. “Inner Self”
18. “Arise”
19. “Ratamahatta”
20. “Roots Bloody Roots”