Planet Of Zeus @ An Club, Athens (GRE)


Date: 25th November, 2011
Venue: An Club
Ticket Price: €8 ($11)
Promoter: n/a

The 25th of November was a strange day for some reason that I still can’t figure out (yeah sure!). Imagine those days that doesn’t feel right and you want something to do to break through. That one of those days; I had an awful mood from the moment I woke up so I had to do something to change all this. And suddenly it came out of nowhere. My cell phone rang and from the other side it was the voice of my tutor in the Greek stoner scene, the voice of Christina. “Hey man, you’ve said that you would come to the show tonight!”, “You’re right Christina but I am in a bad mood so I’ll just drop by for a beer…”, “Don’t bullshit with me; you won’t leave the club if you don’t see the PLANET OF ZEUS”.

PLANET OF ZEUS is a band that so many people are talking about and their excellent and professional work.  A band that many praise for their live performances having broken the Greek boundaries in such a degree that even made the mighty Bruce Dickinson consider them as one of his favorites lately, entitling them as “Hairy Ass Stoner Rockers”!

That would be my first time watching them live and in the end I was cursing myself for not having watched them before. Arriving at the club a bit late at 10:15pm, I found Christina and the rest of the family, drinking some nice cold beer as the situation at the club was that of a pigsty! Their big fan base and the cheap ticket attracted almost 600 fans that considering the small size of the club, that number was unbearable. No need to consider if the gig was sold out…

Even though I arrived an hour late and expecting that I would have lost the entire performance of the first band of the night, STONEBRINGER, probably they were also late as they were still playing! STONEBRINGER were the winners of the Greek ‘Schoolwave’ band competition and confirmed those who call them “the apocalypse of the competition”. The band looked so young that made me wonder of how tight and promising they’d sound. But they seemed very comfortable onstage with their mix of Stoner Rock and Heavy Metal were more than amusing to me, so the beers were going down with an extra pleasure! The crowd was warmed up with their groovy tunes and their well-played cover songs and I must say that I liked very much their singer’s voice. Ride on brothers! We wish you the best!

After a 15 minute break the situation inside the club got harder making even take an easy breath! The second band of the night, BLACK HAT BONES, was onstage delivering their impressive progressive Stoner Rock. I kinda liked their tunes and their interesting ideas though I believe they need to work a bit with the vocal lines to fit better. They seem to have already gained the appreciation of many as the reactions of the crowd during their set was quite positive

Soon it felt like summertime as I was bathing in my own sweat. We hoped that headliners would come out as soon as possible but for some reason we later realized out there were some technical matters they had to be solved. So, after pending 40 minutes (that made some part of the audience feeling quite nervous) the band was finally on stage. They played with all the power and the energy left inside. For 90 minutes we witnessed the Stoner Metal party of our lives! The new songs fit perfectly with their older ones plus the crowd was amazing! In fact, they stopped at a point and thanked everybody for coming, saying that this so was very emotional for them as they didn’t expect so many people. Things got wilder when they announced that the show was being recorded and filmed. I think this was the reason for the 40 minutes break.

Songs like “Eat Me Alive”, “Supernothing”, “Scream”, “The Ballad of Boston George” or “Vanity Suite”, were performed in perfection. The band didn’t forget to pay a short tribute to BLACK SABBATH, the creators of everything that has the world Metal beside, by playing the intro of their self titled song. No wonder the English Metal Hammer mentioned them beside BLACK SABBATH. Wow! Now that’s an honor for sure!

The best part of the show was surely the encore during which the band played their hit “Leftovers” from their new second album “Macho Libre” (you should certainly check the video out, which is amazingly professional!) and the already classic “Wake up Dead” where the band and the crowd become one.

For those of you haven’t heard or searched the band yet, please do so. They are one of the best Stoner Metal acts you can find nowadays!


01.  “Doteru”
02.  “Dawn Of The Dead”
03.  “Eat Me Alive”
04.  “Apocalypse”
05.  “Supernothing”
06.  “Same Mistakes”
07.  “Scream”
08.  “The Game”
09.  “The Ballad Of Boston George”
10.  “Stab Me”
11.  “Macho Libre”
12.  BLACK SABBATH jam / “Space Loop”
13.  “Vanity Suit”
14.  “Something’s Wrong”
15.  “Leftovers”
16.  “Wake Up Dead”