Accept @ Tradgar’n, Gothenburg (SWE)


Date: 15th February, 2011
Venue: Trädgår’n
Ticket: €35
Promoter: Triada
Photos: the cameras to the wall Erika

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There was a lot of mumblings going on in the bar before the shows had started that Tuesday evening. Why concerts on a week-day? Need to go to work the day after… Not possible to drink a few beers… Well, looking at the crowd during the last half hour of the event, no drinks on a week-day wasn’t applicable for all. Damn, people were drunk at the end of the night…

But one thing’s for sure, everyone in the venue was absolutely excited of what was about to come. That included the bands. STEELWING started the evening in a really strong way. Their 80’s Heavy Metal went down well with the crowd. I guess it was Deja-Vu for some fans since STEELWING looks like most of bands from the mid 80’s. The major part of the crowd probably was getting into music about that time. It’s fun that a new band gets the chance to play events like this, on a decent stage and for a crowd that appreciate this kind of music.

STEELWING is the kind of band that is both touching and annoying. It’s great to see that there are new bands coming that play the real classic Heavy Metal kind of music. But it gets a little too much of what this used to be. On occasions it feels like STEELWING has borrowed a little too much from the 80’s. It doesn’t feel like they have their own identity. But they are fun to watch and has some really decent pieces if music. The short and intense set they played presented them well and brand new track "The Zone Of Elimination" sounds promising, then I especially liked the "Sentinel Hill" song.

STEELWING setlist:

01. "The Illusion"
02. "Headhunter"
03. "The Zone Of Elimination"
04. "Sentinel Hill"
05. "Roadkill (Or Be Killed)"


STEELWING @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg STEELWING @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg STEELWING @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg STEELWING @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg

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Next up was GRAND MAGUS and this night they really proved they are one of Sweden’s best bands! Even if they’ve never done a bad show, during the summer festivals they didn’t feel as psyched up as what is normal for GRAND MAGUS.

That night they had the sparking energy and drive they normally have. It’s actually quite fascinating that a trio can sound as much as GRAND MAGUS do. It’s amazing to hear the drive they have in the music. Even if their music is pretty basic Heavy Metal it turns out very special with the attitude and conviction the band puts into it.

I just love the way JB screams during the chorus line in "Like The Oar Strikes The Water", when his voice is just on the verge to break. That sends shiver down my spine, it sounds amazing really. It took a little while for me to accept their latest release "Hammer Of The North" in full, today it’s just as amazing as "Iron Will". The title track from it, as well as the "Iron Will" struck as hard as a lightning from a clear sky. My favorite though is always "The Shadow Knows". It was really good to see GRAND MAGUS back to old standards, with the strange and dedication they can have.


01. "Kingslayer"
02. "Like The Oar Strikes The Water"
03. "Hammer Of The North"
04. "I, The Jury"
05. "The Shadow Knows"
06. "Iron Will"


GRAND MAGUS @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg GRAND MAGUS @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg GRAND MAGUS @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg GRAND MAGUS @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg GRAND MAGUS @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg

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I don’t know how to write about ACCEPT and make it believable for someone who didn’t see them. The superlative will hail tightly but there’s absolutely nothing bad to say about this. The only thing I can think of is that the concert was held in a working day but in that ACCEPT couldn’t help.

Last year’s comeback "Blood Of The Nations" was an amazingly strong album, no low points what so ever. No matter how good it is, live ACCEPT are even better. Sure, these guys have been around and they know how to behave on stage but it’s so much more than that. That a band that has been headlining the most massive stages, played the biggest festivals can find the energy and devotion to come back and be even better. Wolf Hoffman and Peter Baltes have done this for so many years but, still they look like kids in the playground when they hit the stage.

The first comeback, with "Objection Overruled" was super, the concert at Melody in Stockholm about 18 years ago is still one of the shows I rank the highest I’ve ever seen. Later on the same tour it wasn’t as convincing. Now ACCEPT seem to be more excited than on the premiere gig with Mark Tornillo in New York. Speaking of Mark… I can’t for my life understand how someone can sound so much as Udo Dirkschneider but still have so much personality and uniqueness in his voice. Also, as a front man he really takes on the stage with such respect and humbleness. No one can really deny after this he is the right guy for the job. Even if I think Udo is great, he’s better off on his own now. Mark shall be in ACCEPT!

What is really promising for the future is that the songs from "Blood Of The Nations" was as well received by everyone in the venue as "Princess Of The Dawn" or "Midnight Mover". I know a lot of people hold that album as one of the best of 2010 but if taking to the average age in consideration there tend to be people who don’t look mildly on anything but first, second and perhaps a bands third album. Here, I think "The Abyss" got just as much response as "Restless & Wild", "Pandemic" as a good a deal as… Maybe not as much as "Metal Heart" but absolutely the same response as "Son Of A Bitch", that I really like.

Since it was a Tuesday the crowd left more to wish for. While ACCEPT was playing, they had the crowd with them but between the songs it could have been more screaming and cheering. Especially since ACCEPT did such a great job on stage, they did deserve more than they got. It was only when they left stage, before the encores a few gallant souls did all they could with the "hedi hedo" intro for "Fast As A Shark". Sure, it’s a hard time to hang on to a band for two plus hours and over 20 songs but it didn’t seem to be any issues for ACCEPT, when coming back after the short break they looked as they could have gone on forever this night. For the closure of the set "Balls To The Wall" the crowd finally had woken up for real and for the last few minutes everything was as it should have been throughout the whole concert.

I really wouldn’t say the response from the crowd was catastrophic, the venue got smoking hot in the end and the pressure in the front was massive but since Trädgår’n was close to sold out and the beer was flooding steadily it should have been more support I think. But I really don’t think anyone regretted going there and being, if not hung-over, at least dead tired at work the day after. If ACCEPT can keep this up, they’re absolutely back to stay!

ACCEPT setlist:

01. "Teutonic Terror"
02. "Bucket Full Of Hate"
03. "Starlight"
04. "Love Child"
05. "Breaker"
06. "New World Coming"
07. "Restless & Wild"
08. "Son Of A Bitch"
09. "Midnight Mover"
10. "Metal Heart"
11. "Neon Nights"
12. "Bulletproof"
13. "Loosers & Winners"
14. "The Abyss"
15. "Aiming High"
16. "Princess Of The Dawn"
17. "Up To The Limit"
18. "Burning"
19. "Fast As A Shark"
20. "Pandemic"
21. "Balls To The Wall"


ACCEPT @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg ACCEPT @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg ACCEPT @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg ACCEPT @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg ACCEPT @ Tradgar’n (SWE) photos by Erika Wallberg

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