Tankard @ Bi Nuu, Berlin (DE)


Date: 14th November, 2014
Venue: Bi Nuu
Ticket: €19 ($24)
Promoter: n/a

Since I was going to visit a friend of mine in Berlin, Germany, I thought of checking for Metal concerts in that area. So, let's see: LACUNA COIL... naaah...  TANKARD, MOTÖRHEAD... Wait, what? TANKARD? TANKARD!!!??? Hell yeah! TANKARD was one of those bands that I love but never had the chance of seeing them live. And seeing them in their own country had to be the perfect setting. I arrived in Berlin on Wednesday and the next day I bought the ticket for the concert and Friday, at 6:30pm, I was heading along my friend towards the venue. Bi Nuu is a small venue located under a bridge and close to the metro station and because of its location and size, I got a hearty taste of the underground atmosphere from past decades, in a country that gave birth to countless bands.

The show was supposed to start at 7pm but this happened 45 minutes later. Until then, the venue was half full and the beer was already flowing. Finally the lights went off and SPACE CHASER made their appearance on the stage. SPACE CHASER is a local Thrash band that has recently released its debut album. The crowd welcomed them warmly and they returned the favor with a nice show. For forty five minutes, the Berliners hit us with fast paced songs with an old school touch that is always welcomed and fitting high pitched vocals. Their music might not be something that has not been heard before, but the crowd didn't seem to mind that. On the contrary, they seemed to have a good time and cheered after each song. One thing that impressed me was the very good sound and honestly I didn’t expect this in such a small venue but I was really glad I was proven wrong. The size of the stage was relatively small, but that didn't prevent the singer to constantly moving up and down and asking from the crowd to scream, clap their hands and mosh. I'm afraid I can't tell you what the singer was saying, since my knowledge of the German language is almost non-existing. But of course that didn't prevent me from enjoying the show of SPACE CHASER that played their asses off and although their music was nothing special was old-school all the way. Their setlist was based primarily on their debut album, “Watch The Skies”, while the last one, “Skate Metal Punks” is a new song that was equally solid and powerful as the rest of them. Things heated up for good when the Germans played a cover of ANTHRAX’s “Caught In A Mosh”. After 45 minutes of pure Thrash Metal, the band bid us farewell and we began to get ready for the main course of the evening.


01. “Loaded To The Top”
02. “Thrashold”
03. “Watch The Skies”
04. “Interstellar Overlords”
05. “Predator”
06. “Decapitron”
07. “Space Chaser”
08. “Caught In A Mosh”
09. “Waste Crawler”
10. “Skate Metal Punks”

Fortunately we didn't wait long and after just twenty minutes that gave us enough time to refill our glasses with beer, the lights went off. The crowd was bigger now, but still the club was not packed. Nevertheless, everyone was eager for the show and when the band came onstage and during the first notes of “Zombie Attack” all hell broke loose. It was a little bit strange that the band chose to begin with an old song and not with one of the freshly released album, but no one seemed to have any complain about this, myself included, so I was headbanging with a smile on my face. “Zombie Attack” and “Need Money For A Beer” made the perfect way to start a TANKARD show. The band was in excellent shape and Andreas was full of energy and was moving constantly, throughout the show, not only up and down the stage but also turning around himself, showing us and caressing frequently his big belly. A thing that I liked a lot about their setlist was that it didn’t focus on the last two albums, but it was constantly jumping from the present to the past and vice versa, covering almost all of their discography. For example, after “Rules For Fools” came “Maniac Forces”, after that came “Die With A Beer In Your Hand” and then “Minds On The Moon” and “R.I.B. (Rest In Beer)”. The metalheads were having such a good time headbanging with fury, cheering loudly after each song, moshing and stage-diving all the time. At some point there were so many people stage-diving that Andreas just pushed them off stage with one hand. Another great thing about the show was the excellent sound that along with the very good performance by the Germans made the songs sound better than the studio versions.

After 15 songs, Andreas said that the next song was going to be the last one (that is what I understood for a few scattered words) and when the last tune of “Freibier” was played, the band left the stage. But it didn’t take long for the encore, since less than five minutes later the Germans were back on stage for three more songs: “The Party Ain’t Over ‘Til We Say So”, “A Girl Called Cerveza” and “(Empty) Tankard”. And it was in the last song where TANKARD had a little surprise for us: instead of Andy Gutjahr, Andy Boulgaropoulos, which was the band’s guitarist from the beginning until 1998’s “Disco Destroyer” made his appearance on stage and played with the rest of the members this one.

With an excellent performance and a great, solid sound, TANKARD managed to make a hell of a show, and the crowd had a really good time. As I was leaving the venue, I was thinking that coming to that show was a great decision as it was one of the best concerts I had the luck of attending.

TANKARD setlist:

01. “Zombie Attack”
02. “Need Money For Beer”
03. “Fooled By Your Guts”
04. “The Morning After”
05. “Not One Day Dead (But One Day Mad)”
06. “The Beauty And The Beast”
07. “Stay Thirsty!”
08. “Rapid Fire (A Tyrant’s Elegy)”
09. “Rules For Fools”
10. “Maniac Forces”
11. “Die With A Beer In Your Hand”
12. “Minds On The Moon”
13. “R.I.B (Rest In Beer)”
14. “Rectifier”
15. “Chemical Invasion”
16. “Freibier”
17. “The Party Ain’t Over ‘Til We Say So”
18. “A Girl Called Cerveza”
19. “Empty Tankard”