Haggard @ Fuzz Club, Athens (GRE)


Date: 11th May, 2011
Venue: Fuzz Club
Ticket: €25
Promoter: Di Di Music
Photos: Minos Dokopoulos

Minos: Wednesday, May 11, was a great day since we had the chance to watch the amazing symphonic / Death band, HAGGARD. Along with HAGGARD came the Hard Rock German band CROW 7. I can’t really say that I enjoyed CROW 7’s show, not because their performance was bad but because I’m not into Hard Rock the way it was played by Hair/Glam Metal bands back in the 80’s. Although they had a modern sound and backing Death Metal vocals, they didn’t attract my attention.

The band did everything possible to warm the crowd. They were encouraging everyone to clap their hands, to shout, and Corbin Eved, the band’s founder and singer, was talking and throwing jokes during the pauses between the songs. The crowd wasn’t that responsive during the songs but they gave the band a warm applaud after each song.

After 7 or 8 songs came the moment for the presentation of the band, a moment that lasted more than 10 minutes because after Cobin finished presenting the other members he started giving away t-shirts, with the logo of the band, knickers and strings!!!! It was like someone had invented a time machine and teleported the whole venue back to the 80’s. Corbin even wore one string to his head and pretended he didn’t know what it was! When the show inside the show was over they played one more song before reaching their final one which was a real surprise: Michael Jackson’s “Beat it”!!! And to make things even better HAGGARD’s Claudio Quarta and Giacomo Astorri appeared on stage. Both of them (like all of us) went wild, headbanging and prompting the crown to clap their heads. Claudio even started playing with Gideon Vanth’s bass and then moved behind the drummer, Janus Mantus, and started hitting the hit hats. It was surely a great way to end a show. CROW 7 said goodbye to the crowd and left leaving the stage to HAGGARD.


Crow 7 @ Fuzz Club (GRE) photos by Minos Dokopoulos Crow 7 @ Fuzz Club (GRE) photos by Minos Dokopoulos Crow 7 @ Fuzz Club (GRE) photos by Minos Dokopoulos Crow 7 @ Fuzz Club (GRE) photos by Minos Dokopoulos

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Giorgos: After watching the most abnormal, boring, catastrophic, disgusting, earache, filthy, girly, hazy, irritating etc. supporting group of my life that almost made me get a razor to slit my veins. I would have done it but those three beers from the bar saved my life, we would finally have the chance to witness HAGGARD for the third time in Athens.

Having no new songs in their luggage wasn’t such a problem for the 500 die-hard fans that came to embrace their mightiness. What is really funny and also quite amusing was the variety of the audience. Blacksterss, Death metallers, Goths, epic metallers and some cool chicks hahaha! Anyway, I was sure that we would be able to play soccer in an empty club but the attendance was bigger than expected, creating a warm microclimate throughout the club and considering that it was a working day all of us were there to have some fun.

The band was finally on stage and after a short but quite funny rehearsal they started with the classical “In Des Konings Hallen” and continued with “The Sleeping Child” and from that and even if the sound was a bit low it was perfect as you could hear everything the twelve (!) members were playing. Speaking of the members I have to say that I was very sad that they didn’t bring to their show the insane fire breathing tenor Fiffy Fuhrmann and from the reaction of the crowd I suppose I wasn’t the only one missing him.

The band continued with “Eppur Si Muove”, “Tales Of Ithiria” and “Of A Might Divine” and Asis Nasseri (guitar, vocals) made a short introduction to each song telling more or less of its story. With the next song “Herr Mannelig” Asis and Claudio Cuarta (guitar) decided to get down of the stage and play the song among the crowd!

I was more than shocked when that hairy mountain called Asis was right in front of me! Really out of the blue! At the end of the song the crowd was shouting madly their name and so Asis thought that it was the perfect time for us to sing the chorus of “The Final Victory”. Sadly the response wasn’t as loud as Asis was expecting so he said “Maybe we should play something from SLAYER instead?” and the played a short snip of “South Of Heaven”.

Yes, they do have humor and that makes them even more lovable to their fans. It’s really fun to see how they can transform into being so serious when they play songs like “Per Aspera Ad Astra”, “Heavenly Damnation” and “The Final Victory” that followed and the next moment it feels that they can be your drinking partner!

Now, I should not forget to acknowledge Sussane Ehlers’ (soprano) contribution to the band. I can’t imagine them without her. She’s one of the most beautiful persons I’ve seen on stage, one of the warmest smiles I’ve ever seen and a funny girl too, I still remember her face when her long hair were caught by the strings of Asis guitar!

With the next two “In A Fool Moon Procession” and “Upon Fallen Autumn Leaves”, Asis informed as about the next record that is going to be out this year and it will deal with the fairytales from the Grimm brothers. I suppose it’s going to be very interesting and more folky considering the lyrical subject.

HAGGARD didn’t forget their old fans (like me haha!) and played three songs from their first days; “And Thou Shall Trust…The Sheer”. I was really into another universe with tunes like “The Day As Heaven Wept” and “In A Pale Moon’s Shadow” but CROW7 decided once again to ruin my night, entering the stage and tried to be funny as long as HAGGARD were playing. I suppose that the “Boohh” from the crowd when they left the stage was a message for them. Asis said that they had one more song the main part of the set ended with “Awaking The Centuries”.

During the encore they made another short of a joke. Asis said that they had rehearsed the next track hours and hours and did some really hard work and it’s time to play it for us. The song was “You Suffer” from NAPALM DEATH. If you don’t understand the joke…well the song has the running time of 0min.01sec! I was very glad to hear the song “Lost” as they don’t usually play it. “The Observer” and “All Inizio e la Morte” ended the encore set and what more could we want? At the end we had some football moment as the twelve HAGGARD-s (more than a team actually!) saluted the crowd with the common way of football and the crowd respond with an endless “ole-ole”!!!

After a 2 and a half hour set, I was more than pleased like everyone present. I am waiting for their next visit in Greece with their new achievement and for those who haven’t watched HAGGARD yet, please don’t miss them next time. They worth each and every penny/cent of your money!

HAGGARD setlist:

01. “In Des Konigs Hallen”
02. “The Sleeping Child”
03. “Eppur Si Muove”
04. “Tales Of Ithiria”
05. “Of A Might Divine”
06. “Herr Mannelig”
07. “The Final Victory” (choir) / “South Of Heaven” (SLAYER cover)
08. “Per Aspera Ad Astra”
09. “Heavenly Damnation”
10. “The Final Victory”
11. “In A Fool Moon Procession”
12. “Upon Fallen Autumn Leaves”
13. “The Day As Heaven Wept”
14. “Origin Of A Crystal Soul”
15. “In A Pale Moon's Shadow”
16. “Awaking The Centuries”
17. “You Suffer” (NAPALM DEATH cover)
18. “The Observer”
19. “All Inizio e la Morte”
20. “Lost (Robin’s Song)”


Haggard @ Fuzz Club (GRE) photos by Minos Dokopoulos Haggard @ Fuzz Club (GRE) photos by Minos Dokopoulos Haggard @ Fuzz Club (GRE) photos by Minos Dokopoulos Haggard @ Fuzz Club (GRE) photos by Minos Dokopoulos
Haggard @ Fuzz Club (GRE) photos by Minos Dokopoulos Haggard @ Fuzz Club (GRE) photos by Minos Dokopoulos Haggard @ Fuzz Club (GRE) photos by Minos Dokopoulos Haggard @ Fuzz Club (GRE) photos by Minos Dokopoulos

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