Steve Perry - A Singer's Journey

Writer: Laura Monica Cucu, 2006
Publisher: Lulu
List Price: $24.28 (€18.2)

There’s tons of reunion taking place the last decade but I think if Steve Perry ever reunited with his bandmates in classic AOR legends JOURNEY…well, this would be a story to tell to your grandchildren in the future. The majestic voice of this unique singer was, is and shall always be a point of reference when speaking about passion and flame in Rock singing.

Laura Monica Cucu, a journalist of Romanian roots, writes this book out of full love and respect for Steve Perry; and that’s obvious from the very beginning. “Steve Perry: A Singer’s Journey” is more of a collage of stories and quotes rather than an official cold biography book. The fact that the author is not an American born woman results in the language used here being not that complicated and this makes reading flow more easily for non-US people. The plot is presented in chronological order, from Steve’s childhood to the recent certification of JOURNEY with their own star in the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, but it successfully bases its aura in the feelings and emotional status motivating the artist all the years of his illustrious career.

There are enough facts not known widely, meaning there was a deep research being done in order for a comprehensive material to be offered. I do not know if the author spoke to JOURNEY members while writing this book – I think not – but endless quotes by people Steve Perry cooperated with all those years serve their own significant contribution in each chapter. Moreover, the storyline explanation and presentation from Cucu’s side is mild and dressed with the eyes of a fan, so that reading the whole book at once is not out of the question.

I like the way the story is narrated. It may sound amateur at times but I personally find it friendly and warm, something like reading some fairy tale! A good set oh photos is accompanying this essay while a detailed Steve Perry discography follows shortly after. Fans of JOURNEY and/or Steve Perry will be delighted to add this book to their collection, I think. It’s not as complete as you can imagine but it gathers a lot of incidents and facts regarding this magnificent singer so you won’t feel you’ve thrown your money away for nothing, no way.

+Pros The way this book is written is as user friendly as possible.

-Cons Would like to have some of Steve’s own words in here, I’m afraid…