METAL KAOZ Editors' Top10 Albums For 2019

METAL KAOZ Editors' Top10 Albums For 2019

Metal Kaoz Top 10 Albums for 2019

Well, it's that time of the year again... December brings us closer to family, friends, a cozy fire, hot beverages and... lists! As we're closer and closer towards a new dawn and the days have already started growing bigger and brighter as we enter in the heart of the month (ok, it depends on which hemisphere you're living), the METAL KAOZ editors, being suckers for lists, are delighted to invite you to join into this tradition and find out each editor's top10 for the year's best full length releases.

I remember when I used to set-up end-of-year lists, some 13 years ago for the first time, and the criteria was way different than what it is now; back in the day, through lists we wanted to spread the word about underground bands and throw in the mix one or two releases that stuck in our players for weeks in order to make clear our music affiliation, and establish to the readers the music genres we liked, but now this has changed. Nowadays, all of the MK crew in our 40s, we're battling everyday life (like you do) and the only constant out there is music. Yes, there are bills to be paid, chores to be done, argues to be fighted (and winned) for, but Heavy Metal isn't just a way for having fun, but a support-group you end up participating at the end of (or during) each day and find refuge.

2019 sucked for a lot of reasons and saw the passing of great musicians of the scene (like ANGRA's Andre Matos, TENGGER CAVALRY's Nature G, UFO's Paul Raymond, DODECAHEDRON's Michiel Eikenaar, Psychedelic Rock visionary Roky Erickson, and our dear friend from WARBEAST / RIGOR MORTIS, Bruce Corbitt right in the beginning of the year), but it turned out to be a really productive year for music. And actually, this was the first time in a while where we had to 'twist and turn' our year-end lists more than a couple of times.

So, what did sit at the opposite side of the couch for us this year? What was constantly there to listen to our angers, frustrations or even cries? Which albums accompanied the most our good times and joined to our celebrations? You know what to do; scroll down to find out.

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Giorgos Fillinis:

01. TANITH - "In Another Time"
02. SUICIDAL ANGELS - "Years Of Aggression"
03. ANGEL WITCH - "Angel Of Light"
04. FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - "The End Of Chaos"
05. ATLANTEAN KODEX - "The Course Of Empire"
06. IRON GRIFFIN - "Curse Of The Sky"
07. CHEVALIER - "Destiny Calls"
08. ROTTING CHRIST - "The Heretics"
09. POSSESSED - "Revelations Of Oblivion"
10. SACRED REICH - "Awakening"

Vangelis Kontogeorgakos:

01. RIVAL SONS - "Feral Roots"
02. OVERKILL - "The Wings Of War"
03. MAYHEM - "Daemon"
04. DARKTHRONE - "Old Star"
05. ROTTING CHRIST - "The Heretics"
06. SUICIDAL ANGELS - "Years Of Aggression"
07. AMON AMARTH - "The Berserker"
08. CANDLEMASS - "The Door To Doom"
09. OPETH - "Dignity"
10. BORKNAGAR - "True North"

Dimitris Kontogeorgakos:

01. BIBLE OF THE DEVIL - "Feel It"
02. POSSESSED - "Revelations Of Oblivion"
03. OVERKILL - "The Wings Of War"
04. EVERGREY - "The Atlantic"
05. FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - "The End Of Chaos"
06. SACRED REICH - "Awakening"
07. A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH - "When The World Becomes Undone"
08. CROBOT - "Motherbrain"
09. SUICIDAL ANGELS - "Years Of Aggression"
10. HATRIOT - "From Days Unto Darkness"

Mike Smith:

01. ORODRUIN - "Ruins Of Eternity"
02. GREEN LUNG - "Woodland Rites"
03. MONOLORD - "No Comfort"
05. HOWLING GIANT - "The Space Between Worlds"
06. SOLACE - "The Brink"
07. SUPERCHIEF - "Moontower"
08. CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL - "Everybody’s Going To Die"
09. KINGS DESTROY - "Fantasma Nera"
10. MAGIC CIRCLE - "Departed Souls"

Maria Voutyriadou:

01. ANGEL WITCH - "Angel Of Light"
02. TANITH - "In Another Time"
03. SAINT VITUS - "Saint Vitus"
04. DEATH WOLF - "IV: Come The Dark"
05. OBSEQUIAE - "The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings"
06. A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH - "When The World Becomes Undone"
07. SACRED REICH - "Awakening"
08. ROTTING CHRIST - "The Heretics"
09. OVERKILL - "The Wings Of War"
10. MAGIC CIRCLE - "Departed Souls"

Erika Wallberg:

01. TYGERS OF PAN TANG - "Ritual"
02. MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST - "Revelation"
03. THE NIGHTMARE STAGE - "When The Curtain Closes" 
04. DIAMOND HEAD - "The Coffin Train"
05. TANITH - "In Another Time"
06. ARK ASCENT - "Downfall"
07. MIKE TRAMP - "Stray From The Flock"
08. DENNER'S INFERNO - "In Amber"
09. SARASIN - "Raise The Pain"
10. OVERKILL - "The Wings Of War"

1. Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme
2. Pig Destroyer - Book Burner
3. Sinister - The Carnage Ending
4. Anaal Nathrakh - Vanitas
5. Cannibal Corpse - Torture
6. As I Lay Dying - Awakened
7. Dehumanized - Controlled Elite
8. Asphyx - Deathhammer
9. Unleashed - Odalheim
10. Gojira - L'Enfant Sauvage