01. “Dancing On Graves”: this one starts with some drum pounding with a Doom Metal flavor before letting the guitar lead the way with a galloping, and at times Eastern-like groove. Rob steps in with a higher (!) pitch than you may have used him from his doings in the aforementioned bands. His Doom Metal background shines during the chorus, and it will take you all the way back to the first CANDLEMASS LPs. Still, TYRANT have a strong footing on the straightforward Heavy Metal that shows through the guitars, without losing the connection with the classics; yeah, the bass carries a strong Geezer Butler scent and I really hope this will remain in the final mix of the album.

02. “Fire Burns”: Proto-Doom Metal steps on the spotlight through the crawling-under-your-skin riff, carrying an almost SAINT VITUS breeze, and the hammering basslines, and all these definitely deserve a heavy mix to get everything at maximum volume. The mid-to-slow tempo suits Rob's reading like a tailored suit, and really, sends shivers down my spine with the whispering-in-your-ear lyrics, the epic chorus and his evil singing which perfectly fits the still-going mid-tempo groove. The guitar solo is super sweet and screams classic Metal on top of its lungs. I guess, this one is a strong candidate for the heaviest song of the album albeit not the faster.

03. “Pieces Of Mine”: Listening to the way the guitar enters with the echo effect brings to mind the early IRON MAIDEN days (yeah, of the Dianno era), but as the tempo picks up, the music flies over this side of the Atlantic and turns the spotlight to the US Power Metal sound, with the word 'epic' written with bold letters. The vocal melodies and the main riff will get your fist pumping in the air, and I am sure will make this one a permanent residence on the upcoming TYRANT setlists. Again, the slower break somewhere in the middle goes BLACK SABBATH with Rob wearing his evil voice again (that laughter will make your skin crawl).

There you have it; a three-song teaser of how TYRANT will sound once “Hereafter” will hit the stores. Knowing that this is a rough / early mix, I cannot wait to hear the final result while watching the needle making its way on vinyl. Ladies and gentlemen, TYRANT are back!