Metal Kaoz Blows Three Candles On The Cake Today!

Metal Kaoz Blows Three Candles On The Cake Today!

METAL KAOZ is moving from being a toddler to an independent teen...

Yes, most people agree that raising a child is not an easy task. We, the parents, don't have any kind of guidelines on how to raise a happy child and help it become a balanced adult. But what happens when the child is actually a... webzine???

As proud parents of the three-year-old METAL KAOZ and feisty metalheads, we are extremely happy having this webzine involve in our everyday life and watch it becoming more confident and capable to host some of the biggest names in nowadays' Metal scene. With the help of our precious affiliates (and friends) and, most importantly, our dedicated crew, METAL KAOZ has achieved during the last three years what others may think as the impossible, incorporating editors from both sides of the Atlantic (US and central Europe).

Three years have barely scratched the surface of what METAL KAOZ is capable of doing, so rest assured that it will continue taking confident steps exploring further the Metal territory, helping the word getting out for new bands, festivals, shows and all the things that make our Metal clock tick.

As METAL KAOZ is entering the fourth year of existence, we would like to thank all our readers, supporters, colleagues - and why not? - "haters" out there and promise to continue working harder spreading the Metal word, leaving on the side any hidden agendas, solely depending on our powers.

Once again, thank YOU,

Dimitris and Maria