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"That’s how I became a music critic"

I remember reading in the Metal related magazines all those album reviews and then rush to the local record store to buy what was highly recommended. You see, back in those days there was no internet, so the only source to learn news and see what is offered in the current Metal scene was the printed magazines (yeah, printed). Reading all this info about the bands and really digging in the criticism about an album, I started respecting these critics who seemed to breathe and bleed Metal.

Written by a Metal critic Monday, 10 September 2012 20:50



METAL KAOZ Blows The First B-Day Candle!

One year ago the idea to create a different kind of Metal webzine became a reality as METAL KAOZ went public. The goal was very simple: to gather a group of editors who simply want to share their opinions about our beloved and great music. There is nothing behind the curtains and there are no hidden motives for this free to speak and think webzine.



Studio Report: DIMLIGHT - "Psychosynthesis"



METAL KAOZ HQ Favorite Albums For 2011



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