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METAL KAOZ Editors' Top10 Albums For 2018

Metal Kaoz Top 10 Albums for 2018



TYRANT: ''Hereafter'' Studio Report

Of course and we enjoy seeing bands from the '80s being reactivated and doing some shows. However, this also carries some nostalgia of something that was long lost and now you can only get of just a taste. However, there are some old-school bands out there that do not like living on (and in some cases ‘from’) the past and are pumped to release new music. One of those (rare) bands is TYRANT who have enlisted Robert Lowe (yes, the SOLITUDE AETURNUS / CANDLEMASS guy) to sing in their upcoming LP, titled “Hereafter”. METAL KAOZ had the unique opportunity to do a virtual studio report and have a listen of three raw recordings which will be in the new album’s tracklist. Here’s what we think about them:

Written by Maria Voutiriadou, Dimitris Kontogeorgakos Saturday, 23 June 2018 09:52



METAL KAOZ Editors' Top10 Albums For 2017

Metal Kaoz Top 10 Albums for 2017



Metal Kaoz Becomes 6 Years Old!

Even if you see something heading towards the wrong direction, you still don’t take matters into your own hands, simple because the time and effort you had invested are just too much to let them disappear into oblivion. And then, instead of moving on at your own choosing, you are forced to keep going on the same path, getting flooded with all kinds of emotions from frustration, anger to bitter disappointment. At the same time, this is a moment you need to take the lead and grasp the reigns with strong hands and do what was always at the back of your mind, but seemed too bold, too risky or even too much work to finally pull the trigger.



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