Acid Death - Savvas Betinis

Acid Death - Savvas Betinis

When a legendary band is coming back from the grave and feels more alive than ever, then you have to be a fool to miss the chance talking to its frontman, Savvas Betinis. The man behind ACID DEATH, as well as KINETIC was more than willing to talk about his old war machine’s reunion, the band’s plans and his view on the state of the Greek Metal scene.



Hello Savvas and welcome to METAL KAOZ! How does it feel to be back with ACID DEATH after ten whole years?
Hello guys, thanks for this interview and presentation! Yes, ACID DEATH is back since January 2011. We finally made it. Me and the other guys of course feel really happy with that. Being back after almost 10 years wasn’t easy and the thought of doing it or not was in our minds till last minute. The decision was positive and having in mind that things worked and still work really fine, we feel that we’ll stay for many years and torture your ears, hehehe!

What made you split up back then and what made you decide to reactivate the band?
Well, it was a bucket of things and facts that made us split in just one night back in 2001. At first the lack of communication between us and the continuous ravage to our relationships that made us have no temper for work anymore. Second and also important was the fact that the band had already worked really hard and the results were rather poor, including the aversion that we faced in our country from the fans and the media... Dare I say we felt that everyone hates ACID DEATH but we couldn’t explain that! Adding some more minor things, but have in mind that many minor things create a major problem, we took the decision to stop in just one night before recording our 5th release... Fortunately all these are past...

You and Dennis were in the original line up of ACID DEATH. How did you end up choosing Kostas and Gus to complete the ACID DEATH quartet?
Having the first conversations back in 2009, not to re-create the band but to have some shows after pressure from many old fans, the band’s drummer told us that he didn’t want to participate... Costas Alexakis drummer of KINETIC and a real brother of mine told me that season “man, I’d love to be ACID DEATH’s new drummer or else, or else I don’t want to see you again!”. 2009 passed and there was the thought of pushing the “start” button on ACID DEATH machine but not “for some shows only”. Dennis and I were already in a really good mood working some new material together, so the decision was taken. Gus K. was a really good friend of mine from that season and his band was sharing the same rehearsal place with us, he was a really big fan of ACID DEATH too but I had lost him for many years. When I finally found his phone-number and called him, having in mind that he would be at some other side or playing in ACID DEATH wouldn’t be interesting for him at the moment, I took the answer “tell me when we have the first rehearsal”.  So, ACID DEATH was ready!

Will the band stick to its old sound or will there be any new influences, modern elements etc?
Our desire is to take things farther than what they were till 2001! That means that new elements will be in our music. Of course it is too early to say that we will have this and that and the other thing because this season we are processing the new songs but the sure thing is that ACID DEATH were always a heretical band! So... you can expect heaven and hell from us!!

At some part during your career you also had keyboards in your songs giving a more Prog touch to your music. Is there any chance you may get a keyboardist or are you going for more aggressive stuff this time?
No! Of course we don’t say “keyboards are a sin” but our decision is not to have a keyboard player. All the keyboards that will be featured in our new album will be pre-recorded at our future shows.

A while ago you played your first reunion gig at the very same stage you gave your last one before you split up. What feelings did you have on stage and what were the crowd’s reaction regarding your performance?
You won’t believe that I almost cried when we started the show... It was such a strange feeling...Yes, 10 years ago we left AN Club’s stage supporting MAYHEM and that was meant to be our last show and we made a new beginning from that stage. When I told the story to the audience I saw every hand to be up and every mouth screaming “yyeeaahhh!”. We didn’t expect something like that!! Even at this point we’d like to say one more “THANK YOU” to all of the fans that cane and saw us at that first new step!

Should we wait for a full-length album soon? Is there enough new material for a full-length release?
Hehehe! We have already one full-length CD songs! Of course there is a lot of work to be done but if things work well we will enter studio in the summer of 2011 to record the new CD and it will be ready till fall. If there aren’t any good offers from any label till the album is finished, we will try to find a deal with this complete work.
What are the band’s plans for now?
Two words only!! Hard Work!! Really hard work! The machine is at full power!

You and Kostas are also participating in KINETIC, too. Does this cause any problems to the band’s schedule?
No, no problems on that. KINETIC is a different band and scheduling has to do with time planning. We hope we won’t face any similar problem in the future.

You have been in the scene for more than 20 years and you have seen bands and people come and go. How do you see the Greek Metal scene nowadays? Are there any bands you have made an impression on you?
For the first time in those 20 (better 22) years I am a member of this damned scene I dare say that “things are working well”. There are many good and fresh bands that work on professional standards, many bands that are touring with really big names, and most important for first time there is an idea of “reaching that damned country” from the labels. This is the moment that the scene needs the help of the Metal fans more than ever. There is a huge attempt from the bands that needs the fans’ support. In any different way, I’m afraid this will be our last chance as a Metal scene to do something really good...

Thank you for your time and I hope to see an album from you really soon! I leave the last words to you…
Thanks one more time for the interview and presentation! ACID DEATH is back and needs your support. Check our sites and feel free to leave your comments/suggestions or to download our new (and old) material.