Soulfly - Marc Rizzo

Soulfly - Marc Rizzo

SOULFLY solidified the Thrash foundations with the latest release entitled “Omen” where the lead guitarist Marc Rizzo did an excellent work. METAL KAOZ had a nice talk with Marc before SOULFLY’s show at The House Of Blues in Chicago and got some interesting info.

I was looking your tour schedule and it seems you are very busy; how can you manage touring, day after day?
You know it’s really easy. Here is the truth about touring: everyone complains about how tiring is but, I think that these persons are just rich kids who had never worked a single day in their life. Because if you had a day job then you are feel touring like a walk in the park. It’s Rock ‘N’ Roll man, it’s easy; I don’t know why there are these kind of complains.

Yeah, I kind of feel you in this, Marc. So, after you have joined SOULFLY, I think that the sound had changed into more Thrash style; did you have anything to do with that?
Yeah, our drummer Joe and myself are huge Thrash fans and we were talking about it with Max and we felt that Thrash is a natural progression for this band. So, we did it!

In the new album you use in some parts electronic sounds, like in “Rise Of The Fallen”; how came that idea up?
These are some ideas I’ve been working on. In the last record, I wanted to try some experimenting, like solos and shredding sounds. In “Rise Of The Fallen” has a tapping progression that I do with the pedal.

That’s interesting. What about the track “Soulfly VII” that sounds very much like your solo?
Yeah, we all worked on it and it’s real melodic, it’s kinda have a POLICE feel into it. Every SOULFLY record has a gem like that.

Are there any SOULFLY songs that didn’t fit to this album and took them in CAVALERA CONSPIRACY for the other way around?
I don’t think so. Everything was written for each band, you know.

So, in your mind what are the differences between SOULFLY and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY?
I think that CAVALERA CONSPIRACY is all about Max and Igor who are back together again and in that band we play more the whole old Thrash sound like in “Arise”, “Beneath The Remains” and “Schizophrenia”; I don’t think that we touched the “Roots” but we continued from “Chaos A.D.” with the Cavalera sound.

Did you write the music for CAVALERA CONSPIRACY?
We work together, Max comes up with ideas, it’s a team effort where everybody joining into.

In SOULFLY do you write all the leads because after all, Max’s work is just 4 strings?
Yeah, I’ll do all the leads and the lead ideas.

So, Johny is a regular member of SOULFLY or not?
(pointing at Johny who just just entered the room) you should ask him (laughs). As far as I know, yes. We wanted to be him and to see what will happen.

So, SOULFLY is CAVALERA CONSPIRACY but with a different drummer?
Yeah, again if you know the history of SEPULTURA, SOULFLY and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY with Max and his brother, you’ll see the difference. The difference is Max and Igor back together again and that’s what is about and if you are a fan of that, seeing those guys together is amazing.

Why don’t you use more SOULFLY songs in your live appearances? After all, you have a quite big number of albums.
You know, I love playing the old SEPULTURA songs, I loved to play them even before I joined the band, when I was a kid and I don’t think we play enough of them; we only do 2 or 3 SEPULTURA songs in every SOULFLY show? Sometimes more but I still think that they are not enough. That’s Max’s sound. For me as a fan, when I go to see SOULFLY, I want to hear also SEPULTURA songs.

What about your solo album? First of all, how can distinguish SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY and your solo album cause they are different?
My instrumental stuff is completely different from SOULFLY and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, it’s instrumental guitar music, it has more common with like Malmsteen, Joe Satriani and even DREAM THEATER, it is more prog and a little Santana too. But I think it’s basically for guitar players and musicians; if you are not playing guitar, you may not be into it, which is fine.

How do you find the titles for the tracks?
Since there are no lyrics, I like to come up with words that fit the music.

Did you actually write this album during the tour with SOULFLY and CAVALERA CONSPIRACY?
Yeah I did. When I am on tour I practice all day long. I have the guitar in my hands practicing flamenco, classical and my electric guitar stuff. I just sit in the dressing room, practicing and that is when ideas come up. I’m a guitar freak!

Have you ever felt restricted in some way in SOULFLY? Because SOULFLY are more into Thrash and you have a wide range of guitar playing style.
No, I think I do a lot in SOULFLY. I do more in SOULFLY than I ever expected to be able to do. Max gives me total freedom to express myself here, he is a fan of my music basically and I’m a fan of his. He trusts my ideas and what I wanna do on the record and that’s why I think we have a great working relationship. We write great stuff together because we enjoy what each other does.

Are there any plans to shoot a new SOULFLY DVD?
I don’t know, I hope so. We actually talked about that the other day and I would love to do a DVD with Johny Chow on bass because he is just so great and he adds such a tight quality to the sound of the band.

We saw you in 'Graspop Metal Meeting 2010' festival; how did it feel to be on that stage? Belgium loves you!
It felt great; I love doing big festivals and I like doing small clubs too. So, it felt definitely great and it was cool to play in front of that many people. But I like both. I like the way we are touring in Europe when it comes the festival season during summer and we are gonna play to those huge festivals and then the next, when we are gonna play in a club for like a couple of hundred kids. And I like that. We have to do both.

Marc these were my questions, please feel free to add anything you'd like.
Thank you to all the fans and we are going to have a great show tonight here in Chicago.