Eluveitie - Anna Murphy

Eluveitie - Anna Murphy

A few hours before ELUVEITIE hit the stage in the freezing Chicago we met backstage with the sweet and friendly Anna Murphy and had a really nice chat. So, if you want know what is happening with the Folk Metal surprise from Switzerland read below what we talked about.



How is the tour so far?
It’s really cold…(laughs). We have just flown in from Brazil and it was a temperature shock for us.  But the tour has been a lot of fan…

It was your first time in Brazil, right?
Indeed, it was. The fans were completely insane jut like other bands have told us. It was very wild.

Yeah, they are! You have been around the world so, what are the differences between the fans from your own point of view?
It is hard to say; I think here (US) they are a little bit more enthusiastic but in a different way. But, again it is hard to say; back in Europe the fans are different in each country since the culture and the people are different.

I am asking this question ’cause even though the US audience is more into Metalcore, ELUVEITIE seem to have a pretty strong fanbase.
I think that in the US people are more ‘open’ to different music genres. Also, you should have noticed that in most of the times the US fans come to the concert sober to listen and enjoy the music. For example, when we played in Germany there was an audience in front of us completely drunk…

Yeah, I know what you are saying. ELUVEITIE is an 8 piece band, so how can you manage to perform in small venues?
We have played in really small stages and we always managed to do it in some way. And it turns to be quite fun since bullshit happen like bumping intro each other but it never stopped us from playing.

Have you ever thought of performing in a big stage and go for the full thing in the production to match the album you are touring with?
We are actually getting pretty close to do that. We have nice backdrops with colors to match “Everything Remains as It Never Was” and our own lights that are programmed with midi so, they follow each night’s set so, you can say we are getting pretty close…

Does this also mean that you are planning to shoot a DVD?
We hope so but there is nothing planned yet. I think we are going to do that soon.

Any plans to perform a full acoustic show?
We haven't done a full acoustic show yet. But, we have embedded 3-4 acoustic songs in the middle of our set. I think it works better that way instead of doing a full acoustic set.

What is the composing process in ELUVEITIE? Usually the bands start with a guitar riff or a vocal melody but, in your case you have a lot of non Metal instruments to play with.
Chrigel is the main songwriter and lately Ivo has been more involved in the process and he actually wrote entire songs in “Everything Remains as It Never Was”. It is always different; either they write whole songs and then ask the Folk instrument players to work on their part or sometimes Chrigel finishes the main grid of a song and then he passes it around to get the input and the ideas of the rest of the band. It depends on the occasion; for example in the acoustic album Meri and I wrote some songs but in general Chrigel does all the writing with Ivo. It is not that we are sitting in a circle to write songs; it would not work that way.

What about the vocals; when do you decide to use male or female or both in a song? Before getting in the studio to record it?
Again it depends on the occasion. Sometimes Chrigel or Ivo comes up with a song that is meant to have female vocals but, there are also situations when a song seems to work better with female vocals while we are in the studio.

So, you don’t have a standard way?
No, but you can say that in most situations we know from the start what vocals to use in a song.

How important are the lyrics for ELUVEITIE’s music?
I cannot speak for the first two albums, since I was not involved but in the following ones lyrics are very important. There is nothing spiritual or religious in the lyrics and they are all about storytelling. And if you add the ancient language and the folk instruments then you can see the connection between the music and the lyrics.

And what does come first in the song creation, the lyrics or the music?
Well, it depends; in Metal songs Chrigel writes the lyrics after the music is recorded or has an idea for the lyrics and then works on the music based on it. We also use some Gaulish lyrics and so, the music comes second.

Now that you mentioned Gaulish language I think we agree that the pronunciation is pretty difficult; have you taken any lessons on this?
The thing is that Gaulish is a dead language so, there is no way you can learn it. And even Celtologists and scientists can only assume the pronunciation. We have worked with two Celtologists so far and asked them what we need to know. Most of the times we have tried to work our way to make them sound as accurate as possible.

There is a scene called Folk or Pagan Metal; where do you musically place ELUVEITIE or you just play the music you like without caring about music labels?
That is exactly what we feel. Actually none of us listens to Folk or Pagan Metal bands and we also prefer to be on tour that doesn’t have to do with that. Our music is really special to be connected with any label.

Is it too early to ask about the next ELUVEITIE album?
We have started working on the new album but there is not enough so, I could not talk about. What I can tell you is that it is going to be a Metal album before getting to write the third part of the trilogy that will be an acoustic one. Just like the second part of the “Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion”. In fact, we haven’t thought about the concept of Evocation II completely; we want them to be in the same vein and in some way connected but also to stand like different albums of their own.

One last question and kind of personal if you don’t mind; how difficult is being in the road with a bunch of guys?
Well, it is great! I get really well with guys and it has been that way from school. Of course, I am glad that there is also another female in the band but it is great.

Thank you Anna for your time and see you on the stage.
Thank you guys!