The Skull - Eric, Jeff, Ron

The Skull - Eric, Jeff, Ron

On the heels of the major announcement that former TROUBLE members Ron Holzner, Jeff “Oly” Olson, and Eric Wagner will be working together again collectively as THE SKULL, I had the opportunity to speak with bassist Ron Holzner by phone on this blustery, winter night to get some insight as to how THE SKULL came to life.

"The ‘TROUBLE Jam’ set at last year’s ‘Days Of The Doomed Fest’ was the catalyst for this whole thing. Eric and Oly hadn’t had the chance to talk much before [‘Days Of The Doomed Fest’], and then when I got there the next day and we all got to hang out and talk... it was really nice! Playing “End of My Daze” with the whole f**king crowd singing... that’s what it’s all about!!! We all looked at each other on stage and simply went ‘WOW’!"

After hearing that, I would venture to say that Mr. Holzner is genuinely excited about his newest project!   I asked why they decided now was the right time for THE SKULL to come together, and this is what Ron had to say:
All of us have our [respective] bands that are doing well, but the fans really want to hear the old [TROUBLE] songs the way they’re meant to be heard. After the [‘Days Of The Doomed’] fest, Eric [Wagner] basically said to me ‘Let’s start a band!’, and after that night the three of us thought ‘that would be cool’! We want to give the fans to the best of our ability what they deserve. When people speak loud enough, you hear it. Well, we hear it! We’re doing this because we want to, and because the fans want us to. It’s all about the fans. The fans spoke out, and the fans have been heard.

On the subject of each member’s respective bands and where they fit into the scheme of things now that THE SKULL have come together, Ron was very clear:
Our [respective] bands are our priority. [Eric Wagner’s]  BLACKFINGER has a record that is being mixed right now and should be released soon, EARTHEN GRAVE’s record is done and should be released in the next couple of months, and Oly is working on the next RETRO GRAVE album. The thing is, we can’t just sit back and not listen to the fans. We want to go out and have fun and play the old songs. We don’t have to go out and do this because we all have our own bands that are doing well with records coming out. We’re doing this because we want to, and because the fans want us to.

Ron also hinted that THE SKULL might indeed be performing "The Skull" in its entirety, as well as other songs that haven't been heard in years. Speaking as a fan, I can honestly say that I am STOKED about this new project.  Earlier today, I was talking on the phone with the one and only Eric Wagner.  He only reaffirmed what Ron Holzner had to say:
During our set at the [‘Days Of The Doomed’] fest, when we were playing “End Of My Daze”, and the whole crowd was singing along, I got that warm, fuzzy feeling. I knew right then and there we needed to do something.

I also had the opportunity to correspond with Jeff “Oly” Olson through e-mail, and this is how he weighed in:
[I’m] excited to jam some TROUBLE again! [I] was a little worried there would be some drama with the fans, like with the two LA GUNS bands performing the same material, but there is nothing I want more that a reunion with all TROUBLE members. For now, this will do!

THE SKULL, is currently in talks with several well known guitarists, and an announcement will be made in the very near future as to who will land those coveted positions.  A major tour is also in the works.  According to THE SKULL’s official website, the band is “here to do one thing… rock you with the sounds and spirit of TROUBLE- past, present, and future!”  For all updates regarding THE SKULL, be sure to check METAL KAOZ.