Blacklist Regulars - Luke Keating

Blacklist Regulars - Luke Keating

"BLACKLIST REGULARS are an in-your-face Rock band with an international twist", reading in a recent press release was the key-phrase that piqued my interest to get in touch with the band's singer Luke Keating, right in the middle of the US tour with POWERMAN5000, and get a good scoop of what this band is about. Check out below the nice Q&A.

Blacklist Regulars - Luke Keating

Hello Luke and welcome to METAL KAOZ! First of all, how’s the tour with POWERMAN5000 going so far?
Thanks for having us. We are about half way through the tour now and on our way to Illinois. Looking forward to the remaining shows and making some new fans, it’s been a lot of fun so far and everyone PM5K camp has been great to us.

The BLACKLIST REGULARS lineup up consists of European and American members, so how did this collaboration come up? And how does this work out rehearsal-wise and touring-wise?
I think that’s the great thing about music is that  musicians will somehow find each other based on the music they love to play, that’s what happened with us. Rehearsals for this tour we did in Vegas before we hit the road.

How would you introduce BLACKLIST REGULARS to someone who hasn’t had the chance check the band out?
I think we are best described as a modern Hard Rock band with influences from bands such as SOUNDGARDEN, ALICE IN CHAINS and STP to name a few.

“Through The Blast” was released earlier this year; how long did you work (writing/recording) on this?
This record came about over a two year period of demos and about a three month writing process.

Dylan Dice produced the album, right? What are the pros and cons producing the music that you were involved creating? Sometimes bands prefer to bring a set of “fresh” ears for the production and mix.
Arturo Banus who is the band’s former guitarist did the production on the record but unfortunately could not continue with the band to tour. Having a band member produce can be a double edged sword; it’s someone who the band trusts but also there can be the danger of losing objectivity too. Not an easy role to get right but he did a great job on the record.

Moving forward, do you see the band having Dylan doing the production? Nowadays, it is rather common to see bands going full DIY.
Dylan is a very talented guitar player and producer we have already started to work on some demos for the next record, so that could be a possibility for sure. It’s definitely becoming more common for bands in general to produce their music across the board.

You have also released the “Superhuman” EP; were the two songs, “Animal” and “War”, written during the “Through The Blast” sessions?
Both “Animal” and “War” were written for the “Superhuman” EP.

The EP is available in digital format; any plans to release this in physical format (CD/ vinyl)?
We hadn’t planned on it but you never know, perhaps we may look at that a little later down the road.

You released a cool music video for the track “Falling From The Sun”; are there any plans to shoot another one?
Shooting videos is always a very interesting thing to be able to do and we would love to shoot another one for sure. Most likely on the next release.

When you’ll start thinking about the next album? Are you collecting ideas for this or is it too soon?
I’m always writing new stuff and plan to start focusing in on the direction of the next release over the next few months.

Will the next album be released via Pavement Records?
We have to make it first (laughs) but that could be a possibility.

How much different do you think the next album will be considering that the band will have lots of live shows under its belt? I mean, what the live performances have taught the band as far as music writing goes?
Playing live can certainly influence how a band writes as in what works live or not. Being on the road also helps with writing material as there are more experiences to draw from and use creatively for sure. I have been putting together some ideas but nothing set in stone just yet.

The US tour is going on till December 04th, so what’s next in your calendar? Are there any plans for another US tour run?
Nothing’s scheduled right now for the next year but we will be back on the road once we have something new for our fans to hear.

How difficult is to get the word out and secure some live shows in Europe?
Since two of us are from Europe, it’s not crazy difficult to get shows in our own countries, but right now we would like to concentrate on the American market and for what we do, it’s a great place to be.

Thank you, Luke for taking the time to answer METAL KAOZ’s questions! Feel free to add anything you’d like.
You’re welcome, Maria. We just want to say a big “thank you” to all the supportive fans we have met so far on the tour and if you have not heard our stuff, you can check us out at this location to learn more.