Doro - Doro Pesch

Doro - Doro Pesch

DORO is about to storm the stages in the US and METAL KAOZ had once more the privilege and the absolute pleasure to have on the other side of the phone line the Metal Queen herself who proves in any given chance how passionate she is about music and how dedicated she is for the fans. We talked about the making of the latest LP, the plans for the upcoming live album but also about Martial Arts... Raise your fists in the air for the one and only Doro Pesch and read on!

Doro - Doro Pesch

Hello Doro and welcome back to METAL KAOZ! It’s so nice to hear your voice again.
Hi Dimitris, nice to hear you! In what city are you located?

I’m in Chicago.
Oh, Chicago, excellent! Chicago will be among the first cities of the second leg of the American tour, so cool!

You’ve actually two live dates in the Chicago area; you have one in St. Charles, IL too, so that will be awesome!
At the Arcada Theater, right?

That’s correct.
And then, it’s the Reggies in Chicago, yeah! And I’ll bring Tommy Bolan with me and Chris Caffery on guitars, so we’ll have a lot of solos and stuff.

So, in this tour you’ll be doing WARLOCK songs?
Yes, definitely all the highlights, from “Burning The Witches”, “All We Are”, “I Rule The Ruins” and “Fur Immer” probably will be the only ballad in the set, or maybe two ballads, but since we’re doing a package tour – it’s a co-headlining tour with METAL CHURCH – so, I guess we’ll have 75 - 80 minutes, so we’ll put all the Heavy songs in and a lot of old school Metal songs of course. All the fun stuff, yeah.

You’ll have to match up the energy of METAL CHURCH and their Thrash, but I’m not afraid, you’ll do great.
Totally, I’m so excited! And then of course, you know, some songs from the new album like “All For Metal”. We did already a European tour for the new record and the fans were acting awesome, so I can’t wait.

However, should we expect to see DORO again in the US doing a full tour supporting the last album?
Yes, we want to go to all the cities we’re not gonna visit with this tour, and we’d love that. It’s the ‘MEGAcruise’ with MEGADETH, so maybe we’re gonna plan something around that, but definitely there are more shows to come in the fall. But I’m so glad we’re on this great package – that’s so awesome. Of course the bands can’t play that long like when they’re headlining but I think, man, that’s a nice package. Especially for people who like old school Metal as much as we do. But yeah, we’re working on another tour but first we have this one.

So, seeing you touring with Tommy, and I think he contributed on the “Turn It Up” song from the new album, right?
Yeah, “Turn It Up” and we wrote the song “If I Can’t Have You, No One Will” together with Johan Hegg.

Is it Tommy’s voice we hear at the beginning of “Turn It Up” saying “are you ready?”?
That’s the engineer, a guy in the studio. Before doing my vocals, I always like to fiddle around doing something, so that’s the engineer, yeah.

Where I was getting is that with you touring with Tommy for so long playing again the WARLOCK songs, is there any spark for you and Tommy writing maybe a full album together?
That would be nice. And we’ll do definitely some more songs and we are planning doing a “Triumph And Agony” live CD because I think that record was so string and when we play the songs live, the result is even more exciting than what you’re listening to the studio version so that’s definitely in the making. And doing some new songs for the “Triumph And Agony” live, like bonus songs and stuff, so we’ll definitely do something together. Not a full album, but something nice.

Will this live album be accompanied by a DVD also? Or it will be a live recorded album?
Maybe like a bonus DVD to go with the CD set, something like that, including backstage material, or from the tour bus, or on-and-off stage and getting some nice footage like we played a great show at ‘Sweden Rock’ last year, so maybe I wanna put some of the great moments of that too. It’s probably not gonna be a full DVD but more like a bonus material, but we’ll see what we can come up with.

Do you have the recordings for this live album or the plan is to start recording?
We have a couple of things but we wanna do some more. We have some songs that sound really nice but there are also some that we want to do again. You know, sometimes I get so excited when the crowd is also excited, so I want to capture this in some songs. In South America, in Spain, they are always like ‘whoa’, so I definitely want to record some songs there. And, you know, there are some shows where the crowd is great but then the recording is not, so we want to do those again. There is always something, so we want to record as many shows as we can. It won’t be as involved as “Strong And Proud” was or like the DVD that took like two and half years to make. Also, “Triumph And Agony” is just 40 minutes long but we will come up with something nice.

I am sure you will. You have also released the “Backstage To Heaven” EP and the title track may be the first time you had saxophone in one of your songs but I could be wrong…
I had saxophone once more for the song “Getting’ Nowhere Without You” from the “True At Heart” album, so this is the second time. We had this great saxophone player who is a multi-talented guy and really funny. He is really famous in Germany. I met him at a festival and we started talking and I mentioned that I was working on a record and he said that if I needed him, he would be there. Since I had a demo for a song with saxophone in it, I asked him if he wanted to do it and he immediately said ‘yes’. He came to the studio two weeks later and he is so funny that we were on the floor laughing. He is one of these guys that do everything; he is a comedian and I think he is going onstage without a script and makes everyone laugh.

Speaking of music, I think that in the last album there is a strong ‘80s Metal feeling with the strong melodies and the catchy choruses…
[interrupting] I am so glad you say that, Dimitris. Although we never plan what we will do it turned out to be double album because we had so many songs and so many great ideas. One song, “Soldiers Of Metal, is for the fans and in the beginning I was thinking to do this a cappela and then I asked my friend of mine, Andreas Bruhn, who is the ex-guitar player of SISTERS OF MERCY, what he thinks about this. He asked from me to sing the song and he took his guitar and started playing and, oh man, I thought “this is great” and we came to the final version. The first song we wrote for the record was “Live Life To The Fullest” that is dedicated to Lemmy and we also did a MOTÖRHEAD cover of “Lost In The Ozone” that is a song that I love, although most probably only the diehard MOTÖRHEAD fans know it. There are also many guests on the album like Johan Hegg from AMON AMARTH in “If I Can’t Have You No One Will”, and in “All For Metal” everybody is in;  Warrel Dane who is no longer with us but he was a great friend whom I met during my first US tour with MEGADETH and SANCTUARY. There is also Jeff Waters from ANNIHILATOR, Mille from KREATOR among others...

Well, the bottom line here is simple; no one can say ‘no’ to Doro…
Ah yes, these are all friends of mine and when I played the song for them, everybody agreed that this is an anthem. You know, when you are writing a song, you don’t really know if it has the potential to make it in the record. I mean, sometimes you write a song but it does not turn out to be great and it is just ok. But for “All For Metal”, each time I played it for the guests, I could see it in their eyes that will definitely make it in the record. To cut a long story short, we decided to make this our first single and make a video of it with everybody singing. It turned out to be a great song and makes people feel good.

Absolutely, however, you released some many good songs in this double LP, so how long should you be touring for this album?
Oh my God, you are right. We will try to change the setlist every night and try to find a place to squeeze another one. There are also some nice ballads there like “It Cuts So Deep” or “So Many Tears” and some soulful songs as well. It will be probably for a long time that we can pick and choose and even some of the bonus songs, like “Metal Is My Alcohol”, are really fun to play. But indeed, it is hard to choose songs for the setlist.

Oh yes, I cannot imagine. Still, I hope we won’t have to wait another six years for the next DORO album.
No, this happened because the DVD took so long to make and then making the new album took three years to make. And of course, we are constantly touring so times flies by.

Yes, Doro is always busy and we know this. I saw a posting showing how you prepare for the tour and you were doing Martial Arts, so my question is; was it Krav Maga you were practicing?
No, it is called Wing Chun and I have to tell you that I am a beginner. Everybody said so when they saw the video. Unfortunately I cannot practice as much and I would like but it is a great work out before the tour. Of course, this also makes you feel a bit more confident and in a fight, you may be able to smack the guy down. Anyways, I love it and before this, I tried a couple of things like Screama and it is with sticks but my trainer is no longer giving these lessons because there were not that many persons. But I loved it; you could use weapons or bamboo sticks and since I am a small girl, I prefer to have some in my hands to fight. But in Wing Chun, you have nothing in your hands.

It looked like Krav Maga from the short clip you posted.
Oh, it does? Cool! It doesn’t matter how it looks, the goal is to not get hurt and be able to escape.

I hope that you will never have to use this.
Absolutely. Even when you walk in the streets, you feel that people do not look at you as a victim; it gives a confidence. When I was growing up, I was pretty naïve and some people were thinking I was an easy prey which most probably I was...

Well, no more! I have one more question for you, Doro; five years ago, I and my wife traveled from Chicago to Germany for your 30th anniversary shows and since we loved that experience, I have to ask you if are you planning something special.
Oh, you liked it? It took a lot of effort to make it happen from getting all the guests, rehearsing, finding the venue, doing the promotions and then worry how it would go. Because it was a high risk and I was thinking “oh my God, if nobody shows up, I will shoot myself”. But I would love to do something special again; something meaningful with lots of friends and out of the ordinary. Nothing is planned at the moment but in the future we will do something. Anything that will make people happy.

It was an amazing experience for us and even though you were sick both days, it was awesome.
(laughs) I am always sick before very gig and every tour. But thank you to both of you for making such a trip just for this - I really appreciate this, Dimitris. I am so glad you enjoyed it and I will make sure to tell the band about this.

Thank you for your time, Doro, it is such a pleasure talking to you! Have safe travels and see you in Chicago. We love you!
Oh, I love you too, guys! Please come and say hi before or after the show or even wave, so I can know that it is you, guys. Bye, bye Dimitris and thank you!