Doro - Doro Pesch

Doro - Doro Pesch

Aside from a great musician, Doro happens to be a great person to talk to; her endless energy and always top mood is addictive and it makes me smile each and every time I get the chance to chat with her. So, while getting ready for the short US tour, METAL KAOZ had once again the privilege to talk with the Metal Queen and tried to get a glimpse of how she and her amazing band are planning the new album and the touring for next year. So, check below what Doro had to say.

Doro - Doro Pesch

Hi Doro, it’s really nice hearing your voice once again!
Yeah, good to talk to you again, Dimitris! How are you doing?

I’m really good, thank you very much. How are you doing? You’ve been touring non-stop for three years now?
Yeah, that’s right; just came back from Ukraine and ah, it was great! Because nobody is going there anymore and in some parts of the countries there is war going on, so we went to play like five shows, and the fans were so happy and it was so great. It was very exhausting, there were lots of train rides and stuff, we didn’t go with our tour bus, we went there by plane and train.

You did a lot of sightseeing at least while on the train, right?
Actually for the most of the time we were traveling at night, so I saw a little bit.

Did you have any other difficulties while doing the tour in Ukraine?
Well, it was great but when we came to Kiev, we flew to Kiev and then we had to travel by bus to another city; it was a couple of hours, and then it was a big bus which felt cool at night and we were sleeping and then suddenly our sound guy was screaming that the bus was on fire. And there was smoke everywhere and we had to get out of the bus and we were standing in the middle of nowhere. It was pitch-black and it was scary, man. We waited for a couple of hours for another bus to pick us up but yeah, it was kind of scary. But, you know, this can happen all over the world. And then our sound guy, Darren is his name, said “ok Doro, stand right here” and gave me a flash light and said “light the flashlight to know where you are” and we were standing there and then he said “I have to get back to the bus” and I said “no, you can’t go back in there” and he said “no, I have to get something very important out”. Then, he came out from the burning bus and was holding all the roses and flowers the fans from Kiev brought to me at the airport. And I definitely want to write a song for our road crew, he risked his life for roses, oh man, that’s wow!

I know this is a cliché question, but how can you keep this up? I mean, touring non-stop - how can you do it?
Because of the fans and the people. Even though the tour in Kiev was rough, it felt great, and seeing all the people being so happy it was great; the people, the atmosphere, there was so much energy and it was so good. When I make people that happy gives me so much power, it’s good for the heart and the soul, so I’m getting unlimited power from this. The secret is because of the fans, and this is the only secret.

I totally believe you. You have set up some US live dates, it’s five I think, or something like that…
It’s seven live dates; the ‘Farm Rock Chicagoland’ was postponed and moved to December, so now we’re doing the remaining seven dates.

So, will you do the festival in Chicago?
Yeah, now it’s in December and it will be one day after our big European tour so we try to work it out and we’ll hop on the plane and then play at night. It’s tricky but we are checking out if we can do it, so yeah.

I guess we’ll see you live then; so, that show in December plus the seven one will be the last US shows for this year?
Yeah, next year there will follow more, but for now, these are the last ones for the States.

Ok. You have the “Strong And Proud” DVD out that has entered the charts all around Europe; how does this feel?
It was so nice when it was all done and I knew it took a long time but I think it was worth it. It looks and sounds great; there are eight hours of great quality, with fans from all over the world. And the documentary came out really nice too, it’s over two hours long, and I think it shows really the inside, you know, what is really going on. I think the whole production is really something interesting. Yeah, the documentary is great and also the ‘Wacken’ show looks fantastic with all the guests. I’m so glad it finally came out but it took longer time but when you wanna do something right, and look at all the details, this happens. Sometimes it’s 80% done and then the last 20% always takes the longest. But now it’s out and I’m so happy and yes, It did fantastic in Europe; it went to #1 in the charts in Finland and #2 in Germany and #3 in England and Sweden. England is always a hot market to crack like in the ‘80s was so important. It did also great in America and the live CD was in top10 in #5 and or #6 for two weeks.

That’s awesome, Doro!
I’m so proud of it!

Are you happy with the way it came out? I mean, is there something else that you’d like to add?
Ah, there was one thing; when we played ‘Wacken’, I wanted to film playing live with Lemmy but that day was so hot – it was the hottest day in ten years – and Lemmy and MOTÖRHEAD were first, but Lemmy had to walk out the stage at the sixth song and then I knew he probably won’t come out to sing and play with us. Because it was the first show of the 30th anniversary, I hoped he’ll go out again but he didn’t. Phil came to me and said “hey Doro, I don’t think that Lemmy feels good enough to do something, so how about I play something?” and I said “wow, that’s awesome!” and we decided right then to do “Breaking The Law” and it was awesome! And this is the only regret that we didn’t do “It Still Hurts” and stuff with Lemmy. I’ve never sung it live with Lemmy, so it was always like a dream that never came true. But Phil was so totally spontaneous, and came out great!

Who doesn’t love Doro to do that (laughs)? No one, is the answer! So, after all this stuff, you also received the “Metal Goddess” award in the Vegas Rocks Hair Metal Awards; how did it feel getting such recognition?
Oh, my god yes, it was so awesome! It was in May in Las Vegas, inside a big casino, everybody was there; THE SCORPIONS, TWISTED SISTER, STEVEN PEARCY BAND, WINGER and when I got the award and everybody was standing up and clapping and I was so moving! I couldn’t hold back my tears, it was a killer day. The lady, Sally Steele, who gave me the award and actually organized the Hair Metal Awards, she said the nicest things and it was so moving. Then we had some sessions and we played “Ace Of Spades”, “Rainbow In The Dark” with some great musicians - it was a great, fantastic day!

So now, you can sit back and stop doing music; after all, you got the award and now you can sit back and relax, right (laughs)? Of course, I’m joking…
You know me, that’s never in the schedule; after the touring, I have to go back to the studio. This year is fully booked with gigs, but when I have a little time, I always go back to the studio. We have already five songs recorded for the new album and we are planning on putting it out next year, and play some great songs live, you know, we’ll definitely make the record. There is one song for Lemmy, it’s called “Living Life To The Fullest”, and we just working on that. So next year, I don’t know exactly when, we’ll have the new album out.

Well, my question is have you set a plan when to actually sit down and work more on the new album or you’re planning to do it between playing shows?
Whenever we have days off, we always go right back to the studio and work on it, but while on tour, I can only concentrate on the gig and do some interviews or talking to fans. So, it is always after the tour when we can work on albums. So, after this US tour, we’ll go back right away to the studio to do some more stuff. But we have some basic tracks already and it’s so great, you can do it all over the world...

Do you have in mind a working title for the new album?
Not yet. We have some songs which I think are great but not a title in mind yet. It’s a bit early.

Of course it is. Looking at your schedule, the last show is in December so what have you planned after this?
Actually studio work, writing some great songs and then next year I think there are some festivals already lined up in the States as well and there is one called ‘Full Metal Mountain’ that is done by the ‘Wacken’ people - it’s like going high on the mountains and doing a concert there, something really special - and there is the movie too, “Anuk-The Way Of The Warrior” part 2 which is already done and people are looking for the distribution and stuff like that, so this might come out sometime next year, I did some songs for it and played the main female role. Putting out a record it’s difficult, but putting out a movie, it’s even more difficult. I don’t know if you’ve seen the video for “Love’s Gone To Hell”...

Yeah, I’ve seen it but I’ve not gotten the 7’’ yet, but I’ll do that.
Yeah, but did you see the video?

Of course, I saw the video and you talked to me about this, and it’s more awesome than you described it.
Oh really? You liked it? I’m so happy!

And for that video, you did a kickstarter campaign, so do you think you’ll do something special for the making of the new album and offer the fans the chance to get involved into the process?
It would be great but I’m not sure yet. I wanna have some great guests and great musicians to appear in the new album or maybe do something unexpected - maybe a great duet part or some great guitar heroes or something - that, I’ll definitely want to do, but I don’t know if we’ll do something with a crowd-funding again. I mean, so far, it’s a one-time thing and we definitely believed in that song and do a top notch video, but I don’t know yet. But involving the fans, I always like to do, and film the background vocals in some anthem, and we have an anthem in the making where it would be great to involve the die-hard fans; so far, we haven’t put any vocals on that, but that’s probably about to happen.

That’s great, Doro! One last question; you have been playing lots of WARLOCK songs live, so is there any part of you that misses writing music with WARLOCK? Or under the name of WARLOCK, if you prefer?
Maybe I’ve told you last time that I got the rights to the name back, so that’s great, but I have only contact with one band member from the WARLOCK guys and American guitar player Tommy Bolan and he actually came up onstage a couple of times while we did the tour earlier this year. But to use the name WARLOCK, you know, sometimes it’s in the back of my mind because we play in countries and they always ask to do a reunion or another album under the WARLOCK name, and I say “maybe a gig on a festival” or something. But writing a whole WARLOCK record that’s probably impossible; some of the old members have totally gave up music because they were fed up with the business, they’re not even playing anymore and live normal lives and stuff, so it’s a little bit tricky. And I don’t want to undermine this thing because the guys in the band are with me for such a long time, we are best friends and we have gone through thick and thin, even the burning bus. I have to be careful that it would not affect anybody. We are always on tour together and it takes a lot out of you touring and it’s so hard being on the road for so long, so I don’t want to be like “hey guys, I’ll just do a WARLOCK tour, and let you know what it’s going to be” - it’s tricky. But I know there are many die-hard fans who would love it, but I hope you understand.

Yeah, we do understand, so don’t worry about it.
But you know, everything was exciting around ’87 - ’88 but that was a long time ago and it does not look like that anymore. Maybe the people are saying “where all those long-hair guys” because everyone has sort hair now, so it’s different.

I’ve still got the VHS tape where I recorded from MTV when I was in Greece the “All We Are” video.
Yeah! Tommy Hendrikson, the guy who is the bass player in “All We Are” video, he is now the guitar player of Alice Cooper - for a long time now, I believe for 3 - 4 years - and he moved to Switzerland and fell in love and got a kid and I met him there, actually I did the ‘Rock Meets Classic’ show with an orchestra and stuff, and we were only singers, and I met him there; he has totally changed his look but he’s the same great person.

Ok, Doro, these were my questions. Thank you very much once again for taking the time to talk to METAL KAOZ! See you in December here in Chicago!

Perfect! See you soon, Dimitris! Thank you very much for the once again great talk and please take care!