Doro - Doro Pesch

Doro - Doro Pesch

Doro and her band are about to tour the world while being busy putting the finishing touches on the anniversary DVD and at the same working on the upcoming LP. METAL KAOZ had once more the privilege to get on her busy schedule and have a really nice and in times heartwarming discussion about all the latest news and upcoming plans. So, without further ado, I present you the one and only Metal Queen, Doro!

Doro - Doro Pesch

Hi Doro, it is so nice to have you again at METAL KAOZ!
Hi Dimitris, it is awesome! Will you have the chance to come to any of the US shows?

Unfortunately no, because you are not coming close to the Chicago area.
Oh, that’s a shame although I am sure we will come to Chicago for the second US tour leg. I miss Chicago and I love the fans there.

If you don’t come I will call you back, Doro.
(laughs) Yeah, you should...

I hate to spoil the mood but I feel I should express my condolences to you on the loss of your good friend Lemmy.
Oh man, thank you... I feel exactly the same as all the fans. I think we have lost so great people the last years; Dio and now Lemmy and of course Jimmy Bain with whom I toured back 1987. He was such a sweetheart and a killer bass player. I was at Lemmy’s funeral and it was... whoa. Did you watch on the internet?

Yes, I did.
It was so touching. Everybody was there Ozzy, METALLICA...

At least he left in his own terms.
Yes, he was playing music till the last days. I had the chance to see him two months before his passing before we went on the European tour. It was the last day of our rehearsal and I thought “I have to go to see the MOTÖRHEAD show” and man, I am so glad I did, even though we had some other things to take care for the tour but I was like “I don’t care, I have to see Lemmy.

Anyway, let’s move on and talk about music. You have a new single coming out, “Love’s Gone To Hell” this April right?
Yes and we have filmed a video for this that we did with the support from all the fans. This was the first time we did a Kickstarter campaign and I think the song has so much magic. I wanted to do something really special and valuable and not something cheap. I talked to some fans about making a video and they told about this crowdfunding campaign that I had no idea it existed and how it worked. And we did and went great. The video is coming out on April 01st and I hope everybody will like it. It’s a beautiful mid-tempo song with beautiful melodies.

A classic DORO power ballad, right?
Yeah, although it is not a traditional ballad. Still, very touching and soulful.

What are the lyrics talking about? Because, how love can go to hell?
I guess everybody has experienced this when love falls to pieces and, in fact, the video is a little bit more brutal... we had to do two versions because when we presented to the record company, they thought it was too hard and it would be too much for the TV. But to me, this is normal life when you have a relationship that does not work and comes to an end. I think it’s great and I tend to write darker ballads and I can always draw inspiration from personal experiences. Like I said, everyone has experienced something like this.

Of course, it is part of life after all. Who did choose this amazing location to film the video?
We were looking for great locations and I am a big fan of ruins and castles ever since we did the “I Rule The Ruins” stuff. Somebody recommend this castle and the moment I saw pictures of it, I immediately made up my mind to do it there. It was a long process to get the permissions and arrange everything but everyone was onboard, so we finally did it. It is at the northern part of Germany; it is unbelievably beautiful.

So how the crowdfunding campaign worked out?
Oh man, I am so old-school since I grew up in the '80s when everyone had big shows, productions and videos and I love that. So, I wanted to do something like this but we had to do it ourselves, even though there is no TV station playing videos. I wanted to make something really worthwhile and something to look expensive and not cheap. Something to watch more than once. At first I was not confident about the campaign but I talked to fans and some other people and decided to do it. We put some really special things to get like jewelry and stuff I wore for the video and people like these. Fans were coming to the meet-and-greets and saying that they loved the idea and wanted to be part of it. We also had some unique stuff like the wedding dress I wore for the video, so it was really special. This made me so happy to make a video like this and even though no one is playing video, I still think it was worth it.

I am sure it will be amazing. And how the making of the DVD is going?
It’s coming out in June and it’s almost done. I am finishing this tomorrow before flying to Miami for the ‘Monsters Of Rock Cruise’ so we are putting the last finishing touches. It is called “Strong & Proud; 30 Years Of Rock And Metal” and we are finishing the one and a half hour documentary movie that was filmed all over the planet celebrating the 30th anniversary with many guests and people that you know very well, like Biff, LORDI, Udo and BLIND GUARDIAN. It will be on double Blue-Ray disc along with a live CD which sounds great. We have the recordings from the ‘Wacken’ shows and the two Düsseldorf gigs. We took the best songs and mixed them together.

In fact, my wife and I flew from Chicago to your hometown especially for those shows.
Oh my, you flew all the way from America to Germany for this? Did you have a good time? Did you enjoy it?

We had an amazing time and we are so excited to get the DVD!
Yes, Dimitris I think you will like the DVD. It was awesome! Although it took so long to make it but you know me, I am always touring and being busy.

Indeed, you are. And speaking of being busy, what is the latest update on the making of the new DORO album?
We are in the middle of writing it. I have already a couple of songs that I did with my former guitarist and producer Joey Balin with whom I did so many things for the “Triumph And Agony” album [ed. note: with WARLOCK]. We started writing together again and it works really good, so we have a couple of songs on the making. I have also written a song when I was on my way to Lemmy’s funeral; I had this melody on my mind, so I knew I had to write a song. It will be called “Living Life To The Fullest” although we haven’t yet recorded it; I have only the demo of it. We have some more ideas with the band and we are working on them; it is good stuff and will be probably out some time next year. This year is all about touring.

Yeah, I was looking at your tour dates and it’s packed. After this really short North US tour, you have the ‘Rock Meets Classic’ and by the way, how many songs will you do for that?
I think and since there are so many singers I will probably do four songs; I will probably do “Love’s Gone To Hell”, I want to do “All We Are” and I will do one altogether with all the singers. Hopefully I will also join onstage my Glam Rock heroes SWEET with whom I grew up and do “The Ballroom Blitz”; it will bring so many great memories. So yes, I will do my three songs, hopefully “The Ballroom Blitz” and then one with all the singers but we have not yet decided what song to do. It will be kind of strange for me because I am used being onstage for more than two hours. But it will be my first time doing this, so it will be great!

I am sure it will be, Doro. In the beginning of the interview, you mentioned a second US tour; so when do you think this will happen?
Probably, this will happen this September or October.

When I was looking at your touring schedule, I saw that you had a break on September but then I thought that you need some vacations, right?
Oh man, you know sometimes the booking agent keeps filling the days to the point that I don’t even know. It’s like “shit, are we going there? Ok”. But I think it will be around that time-frame. We also have Ukraine and I am really happy to go there because we never forget our fans, especially in such times with all this turmoil. I’m hoping we will do some more festivals in the States too, something we are working on but yeah, around September/October we will come back to the US.

So, no vacations for you?
No man, I never take vacations.

Oh my! By the way, I got the figurine that you had made with the 3D printer; so how strange is to have yourself on a figurine?
It is funny and strange. Some figurines we have done in the past did not look like anybody. The stage clothes were good but the face was not. I think it’s really hard to get the face right. But these ones look great because we did them for the entire band. I think they are great for the die-hard collectors.

Once again, it was a great pleasure talking to you, Doro, so thank you for your time.
Thank you, Dimitris I wish you all the best and I hope we will meet when we come to Chicago. Thank you for always having me at METAL KAOZ and being so nice. I will never forget that you came all the way from Chicago to Düsseldorf. Take care!