The 69 Eyes - Jyrki 69

An interview can be a simple Q/A session by asking the ‘right’ questions and getting the ‘appropriate’ answers. Yes, this is the ‘professional’ way to wrap up an assignment and feel good about it. Or you can throw all the questions out of the window and have a great talk with someone that makes you feel like you are old friends and you are catching up on things. This is exactly how the awesome chat took place having Jyrki 69 on the other side of the Skype connection, discussing more things than just the upcoming North American tour by THE 69 EYES. Check it out and please excuse the rather loose thematology.

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Lindsay Schoolcraft

If you know CRADLE OF FILTH, then you (should) know Lindsay Schoolcraft who has been taking care of the keyboards, backing vocals and harp since 2014. What you may be unware of (and shame on you) is that Lindsay is also very active as a solo artist (aside from ANTIQVA) and, in fact, has released her first full-length album titled “Martyr”. METAL KAOZ checked the album and liked it so much, so the next step was to get Lindsay on the other side of the Skype line to discuss the making of it and take a look behind the curtain to learn what she has in store for us. Check out our really nice discussion below.

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Weapons Of Anew - Freddy Ordine

Going to live shows is not only great because you will see your favorite band onstage. Catching the first bands on the billing is the most effective way to find out about new music because the stage is the best testing ground. I mean, if a band sounds awesome live, then imagine what they do in the studio. In this case, WEAPONS OF ANEW delivered the goods just before METAL ALLEGIANCE with their most energetic Metal with modern finishing touches. METAL KAOZ got on the phone the band’s guitarist, Freddy Ordine, to learn more about the band and get the latest update on the making of the second WEAPONS OF ANEW record. Read on.

Written by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos Thursday, 26 December 2019 15:17



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