Crimson Dawn - Dario Beretta

Italy has produced some truly interesting pieces of music over the years. Epic Doom outfit CRIMSON DAWN released the second full length album “Chronicles Of An Undead Hunter” in spring and now, about half a year later it was time to check in and see how things have gone so far. While at it and having musical mastermind Dario Beretta on the line a catch up on DRAKKAR seemed to be in place too.

Written by Erika Wallberg Tuesday, 15 May 2018 19:36



Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - Mike LePond

Mike LePond's SILENT ASSASSINS have released an equally awesome album with their debut, and METAL KAOZ had the chance to get Mike LePond on Skype to learn everything about the making of “Pawn And Prophecy” but also about SYMPHONY X, ROSS THE BOSS and, last but not least, about THEM. Check this interesting chat below.

Written by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos Wednesday, 07 March 2018 13:15



Royal Hunt - André Andersen

How can you make yourself stand out in the business today and what is the best way to stay on everyone's radar? ROYAL HUNT’s musical mastermind André Andersen has his view, staying in the old school while exploring new grounds to reach out to new and old fans the best way possible. With brand new “Cast In Stone” and with an extensive pre-order campaign was launched (value for money) must be mentioned. Apart from the goods, the actual CD and other gems offered, everyone joining the campaign got access to tons of material through the pre-order forum, videos, photos and articles long forgotten. This is also applicable for the re-issue of debut album “Land Of Broken Hearts”, released through Night Of The Vinyl Dead during December 2017.

André talks long and extensively about his music and the business today, the writing process and why they choose to release the new record on their own NorthPoint Productions label and all the challenges the business bring today.

Written by Erika Wallberg Saturday, 17 February 2018 08:35



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