Witch Casket - Colin ''Nylock'' Cameron

WITCH CASKET added the second studio release in their back-catalogue titled “Punishment” that made quite an impression with the solid Symphonic Black Metal. METAL KAOZ grabbed the opportunity to submit a set of questions to Nylock who was the one to put together WITCH CASKET some three years ago. So, check the band’s latest EP and then, see Nylock’s answers to METAL KAOZ.

Written by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos Wednesday, 12 December 2018 19:39



Reece - David Reece

David Reece is probably known as the guy replacing Udo Dirkschneider in ACCEPT and being the voice on their “Eat The Heat” album. But there is much more than that to the man with a fantastic voice and aside from solo albums he also has been part of BANGALORE CHOIR, SAINTED SINNERS and BONFIRE for many years. On top of all this and after a successful tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Eat The Heat” Mr. Reece is back with another solo album titled “Resilient Heart”. METAL KAOZ took the opportunity to chat a little with the hardworking humble vocalist the day after of the release and the release party for the “Any Time At All” single.

Written by Erika Wallberg Thursday, 01 November 2018 14:22



Striker - Tim Brown

Metal from Canada can never go wrong and STRIKER come to confirm this with the solid “Play To Win” album. METAL KAOZ got on the phone guitarist Timothy Brown to learn everything about the making of the album and how going DIY is probably a great way to release and promote your own music. Check it out.

Written by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos Saturday, 20 October 2018 11:44



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